Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Pelee Island Pictoral

As you probably noticed, there was no weigh-in post yesterday. I was stranded on a Canadian island in Lake Erie with no scale, no computer, and not even very good phone service. I might follow Roni's lead and switch my weigh-in posts to Wednesday.

Today I'm sharing some vacation photos from Pelee Island, one of the Lake Erie Islands. Those of you who follow me on Facebook have seen these already -- sorry!

Pelee Island hosted its first half-marathon and my husband decided to enter. We made a weekend getaway of it.We left Friday afternoon and went through the Windsor border crossing, about an hour from our house. We took the ferry from Leamington, about two hours east of Windsor.

We had booked a room at the Pelee Places Bed and Breakfast, but got upgraded to the Stone House, a little cottage built in 1847. It was very cozy and hobbitlike.

I packed some food -- water, fruit, hummus, veggies, cheese, KIND bars, crackers -- but we wanted to sample the local island fare too. Our favorite place was Conorlee's Bakery and Delicatessen, which had nice fresh salads, some delicious baked goods, and pretty good pizza.  Most of the other restaurants on the island seemed to be bar/diner food -- we didn't try them.

We shared this cherry-cheesecake popover and a samosa, and each had a lentil salad. I loved the dressing in this and wish I could figure out how to duplicate it. I ended up swapping the Limonata for my husband's iced tea, because it was a lot sweeter than I thought it would be.

We got passes for a free winery tour and tasting from our B&B host. The Pelee Island Winery uses real European wine grape varieties, not Concord grapes like most Lake Erie wines. We brought two bottles home with us, which was the max for customs.

I used my bike to explore the island and to watch my husband race. I got about an hour and a half of hard riding -- there was a stiff headwind -- on the day of the race. I will never ride a bike without eyewear again -- I got gravel dust in my eyes and barely got to see Jesse finish before rushing back to the cabin to remove my contact lenses and put on my glasses. Lesson learned.

The views from the island were incredible. I woke up early and got to see the sun rise over the lake.

We got a lot of windy, rainy weather on Saturday. Here are storm clouds rolling in over Fish Point.

There was a little platform across the street from our hotel where we could watch the sunset.

My husband had heard that because of the weather, some of the ferries were cancelled. He was freaking out because he had to get back to give an exam on Monday. We were booked on the Sandusky ferry, which ended up being cancelled. He was able to ride back with some friends who were going back via the Leamington ferry, and got back late on Sunday night. I stayed behind to bring the car back and was given a discounted rate at our little cabin. I spent most of the evening packing and repacking the car, and looking for my toothbrush, which my husband had picked up and put into his suitcase.  I got up early and, since there was nothing else to do, decided to be the first person in line for the ferry. I had hoped to get a coffee and maybe a pastry at Conorlee's, but they weren't open yet.  I munched on apples and a KIND bar and had a bottle of water from the cooler and read a book while I waited. (The American Heiress, very good. If you are a Downton Abbey fan, you will really like it. Here's an Amazon affiliate link if you want more info.)

I didn't stand out on the deck this time. It was very cold and I was tired. I grabbed my backpack, my passport, and my book and sat at a little table. I was able to get a coffee on the ferry, which brightened my mood. On the way into Sandusky, I could see the rides at Cedar Point from the window.

I had never been through Customs by water before. I had only ever crossed at Windsor. I had to fill out a declaration form. The only thing I was bringing with me that I worried about was the rest of the food in the cooler. I wasn't sure if they'd make me toss my veggies and hummus, but it was no big deal. I did see a drug-sniffing dog checking out some of the cars on the way in.  My car smelled a little like smoke when I got it back -- I don't know if they searched it or if it was just fumes from the ferry.

I was very happy to get home last night. I had all these plans to do all the laundry and cook a healthy dinner, but we were tired and just went out. I finished my book and we went to bed early.

I enjoyed the trip, but it's going to be good to be back to my normal routine. I need to do some grocery shopping and unpack today. I leave for another trip on Sunday morning, this time to the west coast.


  1. Great pictures :). I'm from Windsor and Pelee is a crowd favourite around here. Glaf you enjoyed!
    Kerri at HollyMuffin

  2. Thanks for the post, we are going to Pelee next month. On websites yesterday looking for things to do and see there. We'll be staying in Windsor for a week, so Pelee sounded like a great side trip.

  3. how beautiful. I love the water--any kind of water. Glad you had a great trip.


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