Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pacific Grove Photos

I got back last night from a conference at a gorgeous California state park. The weather was a bit chilly. I didn't get any serious workouts in, but I did a lot of walking on the boardwalks and the beach.

The water was very cold but I still had to get my toes in every day.

Most of my walking was in the morning or evenings, since I had conference sessions to attend in the daytime. I did not see any mountain lions.

I got to go to Monterey one night with some friends I met at the conference. It was warmer there and the bay looked so much different than the ocean where we stayed.

I didn't buy any of this candy but it was pretty. More than $2 per piece, though!

Except for salt water, we were in what seemed to be a desert of sorts.

Took this last picture on my way home -- over Minnesota, every little cloud was making a dark shadow on the ground. We flew through a storm, so I am happy to be home.

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  1. I've been to Monterey, and it is lovely. However, there is truly no place like home. BTW, you look very good in the photo!


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