Sunday, May 05, 2013

What I did this week, April 29-May 5

I actually got outside to bike a couple of days this week, which was a lot of fun. I had been doing all my cycling indoors and it's nice to actually go somewhere. The weather here suddenly got nice and it seems like every blooming tree burst into blossom. It certainly makes exercise a lot more pleasant. 

Monday: 30-minute run, 10 minutes walking, plus a 40-minute outdoor bike ride on my big cruiser
Tuesday: Swam for 30 minutes
Wednesday: Day off, did some spring cleaning around the house
Thursday: Spin class, 55 minutes
Friday: 30-minute run, 10 minutes walking
Saturday: Got the road bike out for the first time this year, one hour ride. Also walked to and from the Jillian Michaels show. I booked a hotel half a mile from the theater figuring that was a nice, easy walk. It was a little dark and spooky when we left the show at 11:30 and once we got about a block from the theater, the streets were deserted. Note to self: Downtown Cleveland is nicer than it used to be but it still isn't the kind of place you want to walk half a mile in the pitch black. 
Sunday (today): Skipped my swim practice. Took a 30-minute walk instead. I didn't sleep well last night after the show. Our hotel room was either stuffy or freezing, and we opted for freezing. When we got home today we put in some of the screens (we have an old house with old-fashioned storms and screens) and our house feels nice and cool. I think I will sleep well tonight.

Plan for next week: 

Monday: Spin class in the morning, outdoor bike ride in the evening (I have to miss my usual Thursday Spin so I'm switching things up a bit) 
Tuesday: Swimming in the morning, maybe a walk in the evening
Wednesday: Body Sculpting class, might do some yard work in the afternoon. My garden needs some work.
Thursday: Run in the morning, last day of classes
Friday: Very busy work day, with a graduation party in the evening. Off.
Saturday: Pilates Circuit, outdoor bike ride in the afternoon
Sunday: Swim class

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