Monday, May 13, 2013

Weigh-in Monday, May 13: Out-of-whack week=bad weigh-in

Last week was a mess in so many ways. Getting sick on Tuesday and eating and doing nothing all day. Dealing with the knee issue. And, of course, overdoing it yesterday at our Mother's Day brunch. I wasn't surprised that I had a bad weigh-in. I'm definitely feeling out-of-sorts this morning. It is nice that I'm hitting the dreaded 180 mark only when I've had a really rocky week.

I'm hoping that with a more normal week of eating, and with some kind of helpful information from the sports medicine doctor on Tuesday, things will settle back down. I have a lot of lost ground to make up in my DietBet, where my weight is always a little higher because I have to include my weigh-in outfit. Due to rounding, that can make a difference of between 0.6 and 1 pound.

I turn in my grades for the semester tomorrow, so I have to focus on work today. After tomorrow, though, this weight-loss project becomes my #1 priority

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  1. Oldest said he averaged an hour each in the finals he was grading. I can well imagine what all you had to do.


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