Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Finding my way

I'm starting to make peace with my injury, as it's not like not accepting it will make it go away. As Vickie says, there is a lot I can still do. I have been taking it relatively easy to get the swelling in my knee down. I'm sitting here with an ice pack right now.

I am figuring out what I can do.  I did a Pilates class yesterday, which was mostly fine -- I had a few painful moments but I was able to modify.  Monday I did a Spin class and that seemed fine too, which is a relief. If I can do Spinning, I can get the intensity that I need and keep most of my cardio fitness while the injury heals. In the past, when I have had to take time off running, doing Spinning instead seemed to help make the transition back to running okay.  I still have hope that I will be able to do some running again, though I don't plan to make it such a single-minded focus ever again.  I have figured out that running does not equal great weight loss for me. I don't think I am a good enough runner to run fast enough to burn tons of calories.  I am a much better cyclist and swimmer. Speaking of swimming, it seemed to be kicking off the wall that hurt, so I may try going and doing open turns or just kicking off with my better leg. I have to be careful not to aggravate my shoulder, which is another old injury.

I am pretty sure that the real lesson of this injury is to bring back yoga and strength training.

I'm still hoping to be able to do a triathlon this summer, even a tiny one, but I am not going to push it if my knee says no. It is currently the boss of me. I do not want crippling arthritis or a knee replacement. I have my golden years to consider.

On the diet front, I had a bad food weekend, which resulted in a big weight swing up, but I have corrected for it and my weight is coming back down again.  I am eating cleaner, which for me still includes grains and legumes -- I had a quinoa salad with lunch and my favorite red lentil soup last night for dinner. I have consulted various websites and books on an anti-inflammatory diet and am taking their recommendations into account when planning meals. Many of them say too much meat can be inflammatory, which is fine with me since my environmental concerns and tastes have always meant that it's a small part of my diet. The Mediterranean diet is probably the best fit for my personal preferences and philosophy. That doesn't mean that I sit with a big loaf of bread and dip it into a vat of olive oil while guzzling wine (though that sounds heavenly, especially with the Up & Running tiramisu for dessert)!

I have 5 days (technically 7) to lose 4.9 pounds (which on my scale is 5, because it rounds to the nearest 0.2) if I am going to win my DietBet. My best hope for the Biggest Loser resort trip may be to root for my husband to win and take me, but I'm not giving up yet. I would love to be in the 160s for FitBloggin' in late June.

Finally, I just realized that I have been struggling with this weight thing for about 10 years now. I have been pretty hard on myself at times, especially when I have felt judged by other people. I was touched by this post by LBTEPA (most mysterious acronym ever) that reminded me that other people's nastiness doesn't reflect the truth.  In LBTEPA's case, it is definitely NOT true that she is carrying extra pounds because she is lazy, as I cringed in pain when she posted about doing a triathlon on an injured ankle. (And no, I don't expect people to go that far in defense against negativity.) For me, when other people are nasty, I could take it personally like I usually do, or I could acknowledge that it hurts, take whatever part of the criticism is valid into consideration, and disregard the rest. The quote by Plato that she ended with, "Always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle," goes for ourselves too.


  1. Great post, Jen! Fighting this battle is not for sissies, and no one has all the answers. Losing weight is a complicated endeavor, and it takes figuring out on a lot of fronts. For me, it will be a lifelong battle, as it will for those whose who share their weight loss blogs laced with with arrogance and venom. They should remember that what goes around comes around.

    Take care of yourself...

  2. I think pushing off with one leg might put knee, hip, back in danger (years of doing everything equally in yoga), so I think open water might be safer. Very good that you can kick. I honestly would not have thought of wall, but I guess that is an impact of sorts. Good thinking to have realized that was the issue. If you can swim, truly you are golden, being able to totally stay off knee is the best.

    It is a hard balance between trying to keep carbs down to a proportional level and limiting meats. I think I ate mostly vegetarian for a couple years (I think after the last 20 came off) and it was tough. I went back to chicken and turkey and fish. Honestly much easier to maintain. I know the image is svelt vegetarians, but I suspect they are not insulin resistant (if they don't stay balanced). And honestly there are several vegetarians in weight loss land who have not been able to hold their weight. So I guess I am saying don't go too far the other direction if you realize insulin is an issue (I thought I remembered your saying diabetes is in your family and a concern).

    1. I am definitely not a vegetarian either. I want to buy pastured meat and sustainably-raised fish, which is expensive, so I don't have it every day or at every meal.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07