Sunday, May 26, 2013

DietBet: Can I make it? Plus, what I did this week, May 20-26

After yesterday's weigh-in, I have 1.9 pounds to lose, 2 on my scale. DietBet gives me a 67% chance to win.  The game technically ends Monday, but the final weigh-in is Tuesday-Wednesday. I need to keep any weekend festivities reasonable to have any hope to make it.

Last night we had friends over for a cookout. One of the guests is a vegetarian, so we made Smoky Ratatouille (#3 in the slideshow). I love this recipe, but wouldn't recommend it for when guests are over -- it's too fussy to allow for socializing while everything cooks. Next time I'd just do plain grilled vegetables. The men also had bison burgers.  It was fun to have people over. I'd like to do more of that.

I'm not going to swimming today but I will try next week. I still have a lot of puffiness in my knee and the group class tempts me to push myself too hard.  I am going to be watching my nephew today and I am sure I'll be tired and sore from carrying him around. 

Workouts for this week:

Monday: Spin class, short walk in the evening
Tuesday: Pilates Reformer -- I'm adding this in because it works on hips and core
Wednesday: Tried a Body Sculpting class but I couldn't do a lot of it. Went to physical therapy and asked the therapist to recommend strength work for the gym instead.
Thursday: No workout, did a lot of stuff around the house
Friday: Spin class, did the exercises recommended by the therapist in the gym afterward, then went to physical therapy again
Saturday: Pilates Circuit, tons of housework for the party
Sunday: Probably will be another day off, cleanup from after the party

I need to get back on my Home Routines so that my house stays company-ready. I have been doing the daily checklists but not the Zone work, so things stay generally picked-up most of the time but the deeper work doesn't get done.  

This week I also want need to finish and upload my conference paper. I have to be disciplined and get my work done during the week so I can really enjoy my weekend.

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  1. I'm really interested in doing DietBet! Need to look into this!!!! :)


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