Monday, April 01, 2013

Weigh-in April 1: Motivation plateau

I thought about titling this post "I Lost 5 Pounds!" but figured that April Fools' joke would be a little implausible. Actually, my handy spreadsheet informs me that for 3 consecutive Mondays, my weight has been at exactly the same point. There has been a lot of midweek fluctuatION (see charts) but the Monday weigh-ins have been right on the line.

DietBet gives me a 26% chance of succeeding now. I did the Body Weight Simulator test, and I could just make it work if I cut to 1,600 calories a day, 4 meals of 400 calories each, just like the Flat Belly Diet.  It's possible, just. I would have to do some actual planning before eating something.   I just put together a 400-calorie breakfast plan.  I remember that LoseIt's premium features actually allow me to plan meals for future days, but I haven't been using this feature. I definitely have a strong resistance to the idea of making a plan and sticking to it. I remember that was the big sticking point for me with The Beck Diet.

Before I get too hard on myself, though, look at the trends for the last year.  The progress I have made is no illusion, it's just that I have gotten a little stuck in the last few weeks.  I have a steady trend of dropping weight since January 1, and the last month I struggled with colds and a sinus infection (plus an eye infection) that really derailed me.  Now that I'm mostly healthy (except the continued troubles with my eye), I expect to begin losing again. I'm just not so sure I can lose enough in 14 days to win the DietBet.  

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  1. Good that you have past info to see you have made progress. We all have bad weeks/months. You seem positive about the weeks ahead--I'm sure that will serve you well!

    I am not a planner. I eat the same things over and over so I basically know what each meal will consist of anyway. Some people in OA give their food to their sponsor every day, and then stick to what they've planned to eat. That is so not me. It would be a deterrant b/c if I deviated, I'd feel like a failure.

    Hope your eye gets straightened out soon.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07