Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's on: My Fitspiration 2 DietBet

 The weigh-in for the My Fitspiration TWO! DietBet started this morning. There is still time to enter if you are interested. If you do, please let me know so I can friend you (assuming you want to be my friend). DietBet is giving people in this game $15 in DietBet credits if they sign up three friends.  If you use the link above, you will count as one of my recruits, but even if you sign up on your own, I'd like to cheer you on.

They have not announced the bonus stakes yet, which is probably why the pot is smaller this time. The trip to NYC inspired a lot of people who might never have tried DietBet (including me) to sign up.  I am still hoping for a trip for two to the Biggest Loser Resort.

I recruited my husband to play this time. I thought that the weigh-in word was the same for everyone, so we took our photos only to find out that he had used the wrong word. He has to redo his.  My full-body photo is bad. I am just posting the picture here of my beautiful feet, bunions and all, on the scale.

I was a little annoyed to see people posting about bingeing before their weigh-ins (what's the point?) but I must admit I was a little less careful about my food yesterday, knowing that I would be clamping down on my calories. Consequently, my weight is up from yesterday, spoiling my beautiful trend line on my weight graph. I need to lose 7.3 to win the bet, which would bring me under 175.  I want to see that number even more than I want a chance to win whatever undisclosed prize they are handing out this time in the DietBet.

I have a bit of a book hangover this morning after reading Jen Larsen's entire weight-loss surgery memoir Stranger Here on my iPad in one frantic session (link takes you to a book excerpt). I will be reviewing the book here soon, to keep this from being a blog all about my weight and pictures of my feet and little graphs.  Don't wait, though, just go buy it and support a fellow blogger. She used to write as Anne on Elastic Waist (RIP). Her voice is fresh and funny. I've missed it. The story is raw and honest and painful to read. Get it.


  1. I just submitted my photos. Not sure I'm going to blog about it. If I do, I'm quite sure I'm not going to be as candid as you are about revealing The Numbers. I will WHEN I get to my goal. Not quite in the right head space to do that yet.

    I weighed more this morning than I did last Monday or earlier this morning, but I weighed in fully clothed. Shouldn't make that big a difference, though! Oh, well ... it's only a number. Information. Data. Sigh.

    1. My last weigh-in outfit weighed 1.2 pounds. This one seems to weigh about 1/2 pound. Salt, hormones, etc., can result in a lot of fluctuations, especially for women. I know I didn't gain 2.4 pounds of fat since yesterday.

      I wouldn't expect anyone to be as open about their numbers as I have been. This is the reason I maintain even a shred of anonymity (thin though it may be), just because I don't want my students to know my weight ups and downs.

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  2. I remember Elastic Waist. I'll definitely have to get her book.

  3. Just bought it on Amazon.


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