Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DietBet Day 1: 2 down, 5.3 to go

Today is the day the My Fitspiration 2 DietBet officially starts. People can still join the game late, but most of the players already got their start weights over the weekend. All weigh-ins from now until the end are unofficial (they don't require photo verification) and some of the losses are pretty incredible. At least one player is already at 100% of goal. But, as DietBet says:
The game has begun! You should unofficially weigh in as much as you like during the game. Doing so will help keep you accountable. But, don't get distracted by players who appear to have super fast weight loss. DietBet verifies each players' weight at the beginning and end. Only official weigh ins, reviewed by our Referees, determine who wins. Ultimately, DietBet is about you versus the scale. If you meet your 4% goal, you win! Good luck!
I expect that many players who have lost big overindulged a bit the day before the first weigh-in, as I did. The weight loss from here on out is going to be harder, but I only need to average a 0.2 loss per day.  I think it's doable, and the prize is definitely worth a little extra effort.

Some explanation for those confused by the numbers on my various screenshots: I didn't record my initial DietBet weigh-in in LoseIt -- I record my weight on Mondays there and anytime I get a good weigh-in, so my graph there ignores a lot of temporary upswings. FatWatch is where I record every weigh-in, no matter what it says (red (total) and blue (fat) graphs below show that progress). My weigh-in outfit weighs 1.2 pounds, which accounts for the difference between the two weights.

It's kind of gratifying that even weighing in with clothes, I am still below that 180 number, which was such a struggle to reach. Now I have my sights (and my game) set on breaking through 175.  Little by little, I am going to get to my goal. I'm determined.

I find it interesting that this time, DietBet is showing more stats for players' progress.  It shows pacing for women weighing less than 181 pounds and more than that number, leading me to think 181 must be the average weight for women in the game. For men, it's 217 pounds. I don't know if that's an average for all players in this game or all players in all DietBet games. There are also stats for those sharing on Facebook, those sharing on Twitter, and those playing for charity. This time, I'm going to pledge 50% of my winnings to CARE, which is currently promoting the Live Below the Line challenge. I found out last year that I can't think or work when trying to live below the line, so I'll try to lose some weight and win money for them instead.

Good luck to all the other players!


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