Saturday, April 20, 2013

Being more playful

Laura just posted on a subject that has been very much on my mind lately, getting -- and mostly looking -- older. Looking older, especially, is a bummer. People tell me I don't look my age, which is great, but I definitely look older to myself than I did just a few years ago.

When I was a teenager, I remember my older relatives telling me how lucky I was to be young, and "If I were your age I'd..." It used to confuse me, because they had already been my age and hadn't done those things. Now I understand. There are two delusions older people have about being young. First, they forget all the pain and uncertainty they felt when they were younger and the fact that being young doesn't always equal being attractive, given acne, weight gain, braces, etc. Second, they forget that part of being young is necessarily not having the wisdom and perspective being older brings.

I'm never going to be younger again, so I figure I should make the most of my life now. That has been one of the reasons for the added focus on getting to my weight goals -- I know, when I'm honest with myself, that I would be a lot happier if I could just put on anything I own and feel great in it. It's worth a little sacrifice now to make that happen.

I have been experimenting more with color since my makeover a few weeks ago. I don't want to spend my whole paycheck at Sephora, so I have been exploring sites like Nouveau Cheap for reviews on drugstore finds. Because I already own OPI base and topcoats, for example, a $1.99 Sinful Colors manicure can look just as good as an OPI one. Especially for trendy colors, like mint green, I don't want to spend a lot on a polish I might only wear a few times. I'm pretty good at painting my own nails, I just am not great at waiting for it to dry.  I have found that if I paint my nails while watching TV, they are dry by the end of the show -- and I can't snack.

I even sprung for a cute new pair of glasses. My allergies have been acting up a little more often and making it harder to wear my contact lenses all day, every day. I have to wear glasses sometimes, and I wanted a pair that I could feel cute in for a special occasion. I already have a couple of basic pairs.  It feels like a lot of money to spend, but my prescription doesn't change that often and I keep my glasses for years.  These purple frames with crystals are fun and playful. I'm hoping to get some fun new clothes, too, once I get closer to my weight goals.

As I posted a few days ago, we are also working on paying down debts and just started putting away a little more for retirement.  This stuff isn't sexy but it will allow us to have more freedom as we get older. I also don't want to be tied to a job because of debt -- especially with the way things at my school have been going lately.

This summer, I also want to start back up with my art classes and work on some writing projects. I think that I need outlets for my creativity. It has just been hard to fit everything in.  Why can't time be unlimited?

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  1. love the nail polish! I'm glad it's not just me, esp about the skin thing. You made many good points about "if I were you're age." I don't want that phrase to ever come out of my mouth. Most of our older clients/family/church friends always say how young 40 (43) is. They often say 40s were the best years of their lives. I get that now.


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