Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A day in food, just under 1600 calories

Yesterday after I weighed in, right around the time when I wrote the post, I was wobbling between "worth it" and "not worth it." As in, was it worth it to make a big push to try to win my DietBet?

I decided on "worth it." I have tried 1600 calories a day before -- it breaks down nicely into 4 meals at 400 calories each, or, as I prefer to do it, 3 meals and two snacks. Yesterday's food is pictured here, except one Hershey's Miniature that I found in my coat pocket (Easter bunny?) and ate before calculating the calories (42). It turned out that even with that, I was under 1600 for the day. I had my one-year-old nephew overnight unexpectedly, which helped keep me too busy to snack.

It isn't hard for me to do this on days like yesterday, where I'm home most of the day and very in control of my food. It's harder when I have a work lunch or a family party. My husband is on spring break this week and is helping with cooking (he made the stuffed peppers last night) and cleanup, which is a huge help. It also helps that he would also like to lose about 25 pounds. He's not as likely to suggest a night out if this is also his goal.

I will be away at a conference this weekend, which may be good or bad. I think I'm going to pack some safe food just in case. On the plus side, no big Sunday dinner to contend with. Unfortunately, I probably won't be home in time for swimming -- I have missed so many practices that I'm starting to dread going back.

I think a couple weeks of clean eating could really help me, whether or not I can still win the DietBet. But I'm really, really hoping that I can. I'm not worried about losing the $25, but I really want to have a chance to win the trip. And, even more than that, I really want to lose the weight. Getting out of the 180s will be a big relief, and getting my BMI safely away from "obese" will be too. The last time I was in NYC, I bought clothes that look impossibly small to me now, and I was at 165 (only a longtime dieter knows what weight she is at all life's events). I felt and looked great, even though I wasn't at my ultimate weight goal. Every pound lost is a pound closer to that feeling.


  1. How are you feeling? Are you full enough though out the day? Good luck to you! Even if you don't win the bet at this point it's a good direction to be heading!

    1. So far, so good. I wake up very hungry, but that's not so bad.

  2. I think your "400 calorie per four meals a day" is an excellent one. It is enough food to keep you full, and yet allows for a loss each week.

    I also identified with knowing how much you weighed during certain times of your life. I know what I weighed every year, and I have quite a few years more on me than I would like. I was once stuck in a hotel room for the better part of a day, while waiting for my husband to finish a meeting. I had a notebook, so I started writing down my weights during each year of my life. I had no difficulty in remembering. I guess that says something about the significance of weight in my life.

  3. Add me to the "I know what I weighed when" group. Kinda sad, in a way, that those numbers are so very significant. I love the food pix, by the way. Great way to keep track. Isn't there an iPhone app that calculates calories when you post a meal picture?

  4. I read all that the other way around - that the weight was such an issue, during all those years, but proactive action was not taken. It almost sounds as if you all are taking about being paralyzed (fear, not knowing what to do, buried, not sure) during 'those years'. Interesting.

    I had such a hard time tracking down my weights (previous years) when I started blogging. Did not know them. Pure obliviousness. I would say I was paralyzed too. But in a different way.

  5. "only a longtime dieter knows what weight she is at all life's events"

    Holy crap, that hit a nerve. I remember all major fluctuations in weight since I was 14.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07