Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Biggest Loser Season 14, Episode 10: Makeovers

This is the week all the contestants wait for, whether they are big Tim Gunn fans or not. By not allowing the contestants to shave or cut their hair, the producers make sure the guys atelier just as excited for makeover week as the women. And since we haven't seen the contestants in anything but workout wear, the transformations are sure to be a big improvement.

This year, though, I think that the reveal was anticlimactic. I think that showing us the contestants' new looks as they are greeting screaming crowds keeps us from getting a good, undistracted look at the changes. Because Danni's welcome home event was in a stage environment, I couldn't even tell what color her hair was until later in the show.

I don't pretend to know more about fashion than Tim Gunn, but I don't think skin-tight, shiny jeans were the best look for an athletically-built girl like Danni, though I loved her black top. I thought a skirt would have been more flattering. I didn't love the electric-blue legging look on Gina, either. I thought the other adult contestants looked good but none of the looks really bowled me over. Joe looked very confident and relaxed. The kids' makeovers were cute. I thought both girls looked good with shorter hair and brighter colors. It was hilarious to see Biingo's reaction to the whole fashion situation.

The makeovers also got short shrift because they were crammed into an episode with awkward heart-to-heart talks between the contestants and family and friends, and the contestants' struggle to apply what they learned at The Biggest Loser ranch to their home lives. Interestingly, Joe's identical twin brother launched his own weight loss program at home, and has lost almost as much as Joe without all the extreme conditions the contestants endure. I thought it was telling and annoying that Gina, when given the wrong order at a restaurant, couldn't just nicely and calmly send it back instead of making a big production of trying to be "accomodating" by loudly complaining while digging through the food. If she had deflected the wrong order before she touched it, the restaurant could have served it to the right table. The choice is not between passive-aggressively putting up with errors and being a jerk -- there is a way to be assertive without getting nasty about it.

Contestants had a big incentive to stay on track while at home -- they had to lose 5% of their body weight or face elimination. Everyone who made the goal got to stay for another week.

It was nice that we got a peek at everyone's home situations. It makes it more apparent that for many of them, the overeating was an attempt to comfort themselves in troubling situations or to fit in with families that used food as their main source of entertainment and nurturing. I think this season has done more to promote empathy and understanding of the contestants than any other season.

BUT, I still want better makeovers next time. Glamorous clothes, a big uncluttered reveal, and a discussion of the hair, makeup, and clothing choices. Is that too much to ask?

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  1. Season two, Suzy cut Matt's hair on the show. I can't remember if they were even doing makeovers on those early seasons.

    I have always found the little runway or someone behind the mirror segments awkward. So I appreciated the essence of what they were trying to do with having the makeovers at home. But agree, couldn't really see. Would love to have more info, but that would probably take too much time. Tim Gunn's old show would actually be perfect for all of them after all the weight is off. He used to build very small, wardrobe staples for women who did not know what worked with their body (trench, black dress, jeans, dress slacks, a couple tops, a replacement for sweats, etc).

    Loved the twin brother segments too.

    Loved Jackson looking in the refrigerator and realizing there wasn't actually anything to eat.

    I thought the wrong plate with Gina was a set up.

    Danni is going to really need to change her life for successful maintenance. (Her family has sort of set her up to have a very stressful start. I would not like one of my kids to be living with that much stress, lack of time.)

    This season has passed very quickly.

    1. They had done a makeover in Season 2, but Matt didn't want his hair cut. Then he changed his mind and asked Suzy to do it. Supposedly that was the start of their romance, because she finally saw what he looked like under all the hair. The no-shaving-or-haircuts thing seems to have been put in place since then.

      I wondered if the plate was a setup too. They may have done it for all the contestants but only showed Gina's reaction.

      Most of the contestants don't seem to have much money -- that may be part of the reason food is an easy comfort for them.

      Thanks for posting about the fridge segment -- I liked that too.

  2. Agreed Jen! Totally agreed with it all.

    Also the timelines are bugging me, hello continuity department! At first they're saying "after 9 weeks we get a makeover!" Then when they go home they're told they're to spend 2 weeks there, which means 11 weeks all up, but when they're back for the weighin it's all "when America last saw you ten weeks ago...". Aargh!

    1. Somewhere in the disclaimer at the end of the show, there is mention that a week is not always a week -- it's sometimes more, sometimes less. That might explain the big weeks and the weeks where no one loses much. But if they are going to create that illusion, they should stick to it.


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