Friday, March 29, 2013

Beauty update

All products mentioned in this post were purchased with my own personal funds -- this is a totally unsponsored, unsolicited post. Because of the new FTC hyper-disclosure rules, I'm not going to even do affiliate links -- you can Google any products you are interested in.

I have posted quite a few times here about my makeup and skincare purchases and it seems that at least some people are interested. Until my recent makeover, I had tried to keep everything very natural, but I have been playing with color a little more and am enjoying it.  I have been wearing eyeliner pencil, which makes a huge difference.

Some of my recent purchases:

  • NARS blush in Desire (too bright, I think I am going to return it for Orgasm, which is a much better shade on me (and of course I still want to giggle when I say the name)). 
  • Urban Decay's NAKED Basics palette, really love this one. 
  • Pur Minerals Beautiful Creatures palette, nice colors but too much fallout. It did come with a nice lipgloss and an eye pencil. 
  • DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew -- LOVE it, but it's so expensive. I need to get the SPF 15 version next time.

Thanks to a new blog find, Nouveau Cheap, I have been experimenting with some drugstore makeup too. If I buy something and don't love it, at least I've usually spent less than $10 (and many drugstores take open-package returns).

  • Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple -- gorgeous color but very bright. I am still getting used to myself with bright lipstick. I expected this to be more like a balm, but it's pretty opaque. Rite Aid has a buy-one-get-one 1/2 off sale going now, so I also got a Just Bitten Balm Stain that I haven't tried yet.
  • Sinful Colors nail polish in Show Stopper -- a pink glitter that is really fun, and cost less than $2.
  • Wet and Wild Fast Dry in Emerald -- I don't recommend it, it looks great in the bottle, but in reality, you need about 5 coats to get any coverage. I only spent $2 on this so I'll probably use it over a solid polish next time.
I have enough different products now that I don't think I need to buy anything new for a while.  In the summertime, I don't tend to like to wear much makeup anyway. But if you have any great finds, please clue me in -- I can always make an exception.


  1. FYI: The Just Bitten Balm stains are opaque, not transparent like I thought. I thought they would be like Clinique's Almost Lipstick. I bought a very bright fuschia shade and it is just as dark and bright on my lips as the color of the package. So if you want a sheer, transparent color, this is not for you. But it lasts and lasts. I would definitely buy these again but in a more subtle shade. The texture is nice and I will definitely wear this one when I want a bright, bold lip.

  2. my friend Amy loves the Nars blush in orgasm. Naked eyeshadows rock.


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