Saturday, March 09, 2013

Back from my trip

I had to leave very early yesterday morning. I was in the Metro before 6 -- I was going to go earlier, but I was too scared to be the only one down in that deep, deep tunnel, so I waited at a Starbucks until I saw other people moving around. I ended up getting to the gate more than 2 hours early for my flight, which was probably overkill.

I did one official workout (at the hotel gym) while I was away but did a lot of walking, mostly dragging luggage.  As of this morning, my weight was up a touch, but my body fat percentage is quite a bit down.  That generally signals to me that I'm retaining water.  I came back with a nasty cough, we went out for Chinese last night so I could have egg drop soup and some spicy food. My husband had also managed to clean out the cupboards while I was away but didn't bother to restock, so there was nothing to eat at home. I did a big shopping trip today and restocked our fruit and vegetable supply.

I feel like I did fairly well with food while I was away, especially for a conference where 2/3 of my meals were provided. I loved that one morning's breakfast was a Greek yogurt and oatmeal bar with lots of fruit and nuts.  Portions on the served meals were very reasonable, and I skipped things that weren't wonderful to make room for the things that were. I didn't make it to Chop't, which was not at my hotel after all, but did stop at Pret A Manger, which as the name suggests had ready-to-eat food. It is all made fresh in the store and had calorie counts listed. I was going to get a salad until I realized that it had more than 400 calories and a wrap that looked even better had only 290.

There's a part of me that would love to be a city dweller and be able to walk and take transit everywhere. I found myself feeling a little jealous of some of the younger women at the conference who had so many more things open to them than I realized were possible when I was that age.  Toledo is just not a cosmopolitan place, and kids who grow up here don't think to apply to Ivy-League schools or do internships in Washington D.C. I like the life I have but my world sometimes feels a little too small.

Right now all I need is enough space to lie on the couch and cough. It was too late to cancel my Pilates Circuit class but I was definitely not at full force today. I am bummed out that I will probably have to miss swimming this week again, unless I have a miraculous recovery. Last weekend I was healthy but had my nephew's birthday party, which is probably where I picked up the cough. I love having kids in my life but they come with a lot of germs.

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