Monday, January 14, 2013

Weird weigh-in, January 14

My weight being up today did not surprise me. Today's body-fat reading made no sense at all. On FatWatch, which calculates body fat weight from the percentage, I would appear to be down almost 8 pounds of fat.

Without getting into TMI, I am not feeling well this morning and my whole system feels off.

I had too much restaurant and prepared food, way too much salt, and too few fruits and vegetables. My sleep was off. All I can say is, I am happy to be back to normal.

I start teaching again this week, so that adds another twist. My classes are four hours long and in the evenings, with other obligations during the day. Not complaining, just acknowledging the challenge. Because class runs across the whole dinner hour, I am going to plan to have a more substantial 4:00 (teatime) snack and a smaller dinner when I get home.  I only have two evening classes, Tuesday and Wednesday, so I should be able to make it work if I plan appropriately.

I did some things right last week -- the big one is that I logged all my food even on the bad days. I was about 50% on making good choices even in bad situations.  Still, it was a little too easy to give in to bad choices because I had failed to plan to bring healthy stuff with me to get me through the hungry times when I didn't know what or when I was going to get to eat.  That chaotic feeling is a big trigger for me, and spending time around little kids is inherently chaotic.

Again, I'm so glad to be in my own environment with all my tools for success. And, I just found out that I will be going to California a couple of weeks before FitBloggin' (four cross-country flights in one month, eek), so I have even more motivation to be looking and feeling good in June.

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