Monday, December 17, 2012

Weigh-in, December 17

I guess LoseIt is pretty accurate -- yesterday I said that I would expect to lose 1/2 pound this last week, given my numbers. And that's pretty much what I did: I am down 0.6 from last week's weigh-in.

Of course, I had hoped to lose more. I had a high-calorie day Saturday, and that one day may have set me back a bit. I think I need to stick closer to my calorie limits on regular days to make up for the days when things go a little off-track. Going out for Mexican food was a bad idea. The entrees are bad enough, but then there are the chips and the beer that go with them.

I can still make my goal of 183 or under by the end of the year but it would be a stretch, more than a pound a week. I have to be careful, with holiday parties galore coming up.

This wouldn't seem to disprove that I can lose weight with a higher calorie goal, only that I have to actually hit the calorie goal if I want to lose. I do feel like I know what to do to be successful, I just have to do it.

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