Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Detailed musings on workouts and foot pain

I haven't been doing my Daily Checklist posts, because they were getting a little boring. I did make a special effort to do the meditation today since I had been skipping it for no good reason except that I didn't make it a priority.

I have been having some trouble with my foot again -- I think it is a nerve issue, because rubbing my foot helps (or weirdly, my butt on that side, discovered that during a chair massage). The problem is my toes going numb and hurting, and I'm wondering if it might be some form of sciatica.  Getting older sucks.  Because of that I skipped a workout Monday to try to keep my feet pain-free while I shopped -- it didn't work.  I did get a short walk in later that evening, after my foot had calmed down.

Tuesday I did another swim workout. My coach sends out two workouts a week that we can do on our own. I chose the one that looked more fun and modified it (and not the one with the 150 yard Dolphin Kick segment, yuck).  For Vickie and her husband and any interested parties, here is what I ended up doing:

  • 400 free, every 4th lap fist swim
  • 10 x 50: half of each 25 underwater, the other half breaststroke
  • Kick: 3x100: 50 choice, 25 plow/25 fast (I wasn't sure what plow was but I guessed it was pushing down on the back of the kickboard to make it harder to push through the water, and that's what the videos I found seem to suggest. Take 15 sec. after each
  • Pull 3x100, breathe every third stroke (It was supposed to be 3x300 but I didn't have that much time and I hate to pull).
  • Loco 1-3, 3-1, fast to easy. I didn't know what this meant but I found an explanation for next time. I just did one fast and three easy on the first set and then three fast to easy on the second set instead of doing the whole progression).
  • 100 easy stroke (I did breaststroke down and backstroke back).
  • 50 easy free
Today I did a walk/run workout.  It was 5 minutes walking warmup, 10 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 10 minutes running, and 5 minutes walking to cooldown.  I'm using the Ease into 5K app. Oddly, my foot did not hurt while running or while shopping today. 

Tomorrow and Friday, I am going to get to Spin class very early and hope to get a seat. There is no signup this week or the next two, so I have to have a backup plan in case that doesn't work.  I hate that. This gym doesn't have an indoor pool, so I will probably do some strength work if I don't get a bike.

Saturday I have my Pilates Circuit class. Sunday I have to miss swim because I'm watching my nephew, and I'm going to try to get in some kind of workout Sunday morning if I can.  I don't want to schedule a class because we are going to dinner Saturday night with friends in Ann Arbor and I'm not sure when we will get back. 

I really want to go into Christmas week feeling strong, because I know it will be hard to stick to a schedule that week.


  1. ugh. the foot pain sounds like it is no fun and unpredictable. at what point to you go to the doctor? does it hurt when you swim?

    and I agree. getting old is not pleasant in many ways. but look at all the exercises you do! that is keeping your body young(er).

    1. I have seen my regular doctor, a physical therapist, and a podiatrist. The podiatrist went right to custom orthotics, which are useful only in some pairs of shoes, and don't really seem to make a big difference in whether I have pain or not. She also gave me spacers to wear to deal with my bunions, but I find them kind of annoying and don't wear them. I feel like going back would be a waste of time.

      I personally think that it's a combination of arthritis, the extra weight, and maybe a little sciatica or poor alignment. I don't feel like doctors treat the whole person -- they focus on the problem or the problem area and don't try to find the cause of the problem. I am learning through trial and error how to deal with it.

  2. I wonder if you would find a roller helpful. I actually use a very fat/thick pool noodle/float that we already had.

    My orthotics make all the difference in the world for me (and my kids). We wear them all the time. We all have some shoes (like Birkenstocks or Finn Comforts) which have that much support built in to shoe without insert. But we are all in support all the time.

    Since you are off, why don't you try wearing what the doctor prescribed (inserts and spacers) 100% of the time for the whole two or three weeks and see what happens. That would be a long enough trial (maybe) to know if it made a difference.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07