Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16: Workouts, daily checklist, and weekly score

I had a good workout week this week.

Monday: 15 minutes running, 15 minutes walking
Tuesday: 60 minute swim on my own
Wednesday: 45 minutes Spinning
Thursday: 45 minutes Spinning
Friday: 45 minutes Pilates
Saturday: 30 minutes running and 30 minutes walking
Sunday: 30 minute walk, 60 minute hard swim with the masters' group

Since Vickie was curious about my swim workouts, here was today's. I was in a lane with one really fast person and two that were fairly close to my ability. I was faster than all of them on the kick, but I dragged through the pull set and struggled to keep up:

2 x through with 20 seconds rest in between:

  • 150 free, build
  • 4 x 75 (25 Tarzan, 25 fist, 25 build)
  • 100 stroke
4x through with 25 seconds rest in between::
  • 50 build kick
  • 2 x 25 fast kick
4x150 pull, breathing every 3rd stroke, descend

100 easy swim

(2200 yards)

Funny story: I asked my favorite Pilates instructor if she thought swimming could sort of count as strength training, since there is so much natural resistance in the water. She is a hardcore bodybuilder, so she would prefer that I was pumping iron 3-4 times a week, but she reluctantly said yes. "But it's not aerobic," she said. Actually, I think swimming is aerobic. Drowning is not aerobic, but if you are swimming more than a 25-yard sprint, you have to be breathing while you are doing it. I feel like swimming has increased my aerobic strength and my lung capacity.  I also do think it is a full-body strength workout, especially the hard swims like today's.

I usually do a breath every 3 strokes alternating sides, though when I'm tired I default to breathing every second stroke, always on the right. Another swimmer once told me that everyone has a "chocolate and a vanilla side" for breathing, and since I like chocolate and breathing on the right best, I guess that breathing on the left is my vanilla.

Today's daily checklist

  • Get 20 minutes or more of exercise or intentional activity -- Yes (see above)

  • Eat at least 4 servings of vegetables and 3 fruit servings -- Yes: tossed salad with tomatoes, peppers, and cucumber; celery; roasted beets, sweet potato, onion, and peppers; large banana (2); 1/2 grapefruit. I may have another fruit if I get hungry later.
  • Log all food -- Yes.

  • Stay within my calorie goals -- Yes (although if I have that last fruit it might put me a pinch over, I'm at 1977 now).

  • Take my supplements (multivitamin, fish oil, flaxseed oil)-- Yes.

  • Drink at least 6 16-ounce glasses of water  -- Yes.

  • Meditate for 5 minutes -- Yes.

  • I thought I'd give my score for the checklist for this week. Out of a total of 7 daily points possible, and a weekly score of 49, I got 32:

    • Monday: 5 points
    • Tuesday: 5 points
    • Wednesday: 4 points
    • Thursday: 5 points
    • Friday: 3 points
    • Saturday: 3 points
    • Sunday: 7 points.
    Tonight I'm very tired so I will sleep well. Weigh-in tomorrow first thing, then Christmas shopping, which might just count as my activity for the day.

    According to LoseIt, I would expect to lose 1/2 a pound tomorrow.  I'm about 2000 calories over my goals to lose 1 pound a week. We will see what the scale says and how accurate that is.


    1. Not only do I like to see them, my husband does too.

      We have no idea what a Tarzan is.

      My husband was trying to figure out if build meant progressively increasing speed.

      We are wondering if stroke means all arms/no legs.

      When you are in kick mode, what do you do with arms? Clasped together straight out in front of you to protect from hitting wall? Or kick board?

    2. I'll define some terms here for everyone:

      Tarzan -- freestyle with head out of the water, arms reaching in front like Tarzan grabbing for a vine. It's good practice for sighting in open water.

      Fist -- swim with hands in fists.

      Build -- progressively increasing speed through a set.

      Descend -- Each set faster than the last.

      Stroke -- not freestyle (we did breaststroke and backstroke).

      Pull -- using a float between the legs, no kicking, arms only (I hate this).

      Kick -- We usually use a kickboard, but sometimes our coach has us do some lengths without a kickboard, arms in front. I love kickboard, but it does seem to make my back sore.

    3. I don't think your pilates instructor is a swimmer otherwise she would know that swimming can be an aerobic workout (or anaerobic for those times when flippers are used). She (he?) must be picturing people floating around in a pool.

      I'm in a masters swimming program too, swimming three nights a week - I love it.

    4. My husband said he could understand that she did not think swimming was aerobic, because for most people it is not. There has to be some type of a PUSH for it to be aerobic. The clock, someone chasing you down the lane, whatever. Most people swimming laps on their own, do not have the PUSH. My husband times his laps and changes his strokes to push, on his own. I have read a couple bloggers who (almost not quite there) do the same. (They would benefit from attending structured workouts). But I think it is unusual. You are fortunate that you have been taught how to workout in the pool. Because I can see that you have learned well and can apply on your own for off night workouts.

      1. Our coach sends us two workouts a week that we can use and I modify those as needed. On my own I used to just swim lots of laps.


    "Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07