Sunday, December 09, 2012

Birthday celebration and daily checklist

Today is my birthday, and I'm over my calorie allowance and my main activity was playing with my nephews.  Still, I have found the daily checklist to be a good reminder of habits that help keep me on track.

Yesterday we went to Ann Arbor to celebrate with friends. I did my meditation before I left, using a free guided meditation I found on iTunesU. It has been a long time since I had a meditation practice, so I thought having the guidance would be helpful. I found this pretty calming. One problem for me with meditation is that my cat cries if I don't have her on my lap, and if I do have her up there she won't sit still.  I guess it's more practice in dealing with distractions.

On the way there I realized I did not have my supplements with me, so I stopped at Whole Foods and picked some up to keep in my car.  I am not sure if supplements are helpful for weight loss, but Dr. Ornish says that the evidence is there for fish oil and heart disease prevention, and I know that Weight Watchers always recommended a multivitamin. The flaxseed oil is for my skin.

I had a piece of fruit before we left, and I knew I would need to have 2 servings of veggies at dinner. It helped to keep that in mind when ordering.  It was a celebration meal, so not light on calories, but I wasn't too far over my goal.  It felt good to have a meal out with friends and not feel like I had gone overboard.

I'm expecting that the daily checklist will work even better on a regular day when I have no cake and ice cream to deal with. I gave myself a bit of a pass today, but it was a wonderful day, and I'm feeling optimistic about life, the universe, and everything.  I re-took the Real Age test and I'm supposedly only 35.5 on the inside, even if my driver's license says I'm 42.

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