Thursday, November 22, 2012

HRM follies

In my Spin class today, I wore my heart rate monitor, as I usually do. But the strap had apparently loosened up in my bag, because I was getting readings of 0, then 225, then 159, then 28, etc.

As much as I told myself to just ignore the numbers, I couldn't stop looking and fiddling with the strap. I tried covering the numbers with a towel. I even, briefly, tried putting the towel over my face, but that elicited concern from the other riders.

Finally, I unfastened the strap and tried to drop it, but ended up tossing it in what seemed to be an overly-dramatic gesture.

It was a tough workout, but I felt fine. Funny how this technology can sometimes just get in the way of listening to ourselves.

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  1. It took me years to not care about the clock nor the temp. I realize that you might be watching your heart monitor for health/safety, but as far as the looking at the numbers part goes, I totally relate.


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