Friday, November 23, 2012

Hooray, an ordinary day!

I think I like ordinary days -- especially non-work ordinary days -- better than holidays. I like seeing my family, but holidays tend to be chaotic, especially when my sister brings her horse-sized dog along. I feel like I don't really get to talk or listen to anyone well in all the buzz and craziness. On occasions like Christmas, there is all the added pressure of gifts on top of everything else.

I especially don't love the food chaos. In my family, as I have said before, dinner is always late, and there is food all around. Half the time I end up picking beforehand, and eating a regular meal on an already-full stomach, plus dessert. I wish I had better self-control. I saw this image on Facebook yesterday and it describes these occasions perfectly:

Yesterday I got outside with my nephew before dinner and then helped with some of the final cooking, so I "only" had a small handful of M&Ms before dinner. Still, at our 2:00 lunch, I managed to eat so much, or at least the wrong kinds of foods, so that I did not want anything for the rest of the day and my belly was uncomfortably bloated. I wonder if it was partly because I was crawling around on the floor with my nephew playing Legos, and my waistband was fitted enough to push into my stomach. when I think about what I ate, it was too much but not so much that it should have made me feel so terrible. Maybe the hardcore Spin workout threw my system off?

I am happy to have a quiet day to recover, eat normal amounts of food, and get some exercise.

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