Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Flip turns

I realize that a lot of my continued frustration with swim class has to do with my turns. I am not sure I ever knew how to do them properly, but lately they have been worse and worse. Sharing a lane with other people doesn't help, because I have a fear of kicking off the wall right into another swimmer.

If you have ever assembled furniture from IKEA, you know that sometimes you think you have your project done and you realize that you have pieces left over.  You have two choices -- live with your wobbly bookcase, or break it down and start over.  That's what I need to do with my turns.

Today when I did a swim workout on my own, I brought one of my coach's workouts with me but my main focus was on turns. I did 45 minutes after watching the video linked above, trying to do my turns right. I did pretty well, but sometimes I did the turn too early and didn't get a good kick off the wall, and sometimes I got water up my nose.  Getting better at something often requires being willing to do it worse for a while.  I think I made some progress today, but I'll have to keep practicing.  It felt great when I actually got a few right toward the end of my workout.


  1. My husband is on a plane, so can't ask him, but I think I remember when he was teaching flip turns to the kids, that he said they changed. Meaning the style of flip turns changed some time in my husband's competitive swimming years. So that might be part of why you had troubles. We are 51. My husband is the youngest of four competitive swimmers. So not sure when, but I think it did change.

  2. great insight - "getting better at something often requires being willing to do it worse for a while."

    I cannot swim (I mean, I won't drown, but I can't "swim" swim), so I admire anyone who can.


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