Sunday, October 28, 2012

This week's workouts: October 22-28

I thought I'd separate my workout posts from my weigh-in posts. Some people are interested in seeing what kind of workouts other people do, some couldn't care less.  I vary -- I'm interested in seeing workout programs with variety, but not so interested if your workouts vary from a 3-mile run to a 7-mile run.

Maybe it's because I'm not running much these days. My toes are still giving me trouble.  That's my #1 motivation for wanting to lose weight -- the hope that taking some weight off my feet will help my toes.

Monday: 45-minute yoga class, my first in a while. It felt very challenging even though it was a pretty basic class.  Lots of flow instead of single poses.  I also did a 25-minute walk.

Tuesday: I did one of my run-walk workouts. It was about 15 minutes of running with about 20 minutes of walking. Toes did bother me the next day, unfortunately.

Wednesday: No workout. I had two important meetings and didn't have time.

Thursday: My spin class. It felt great.

Friday: Wanted to spin but the class was full by the time I got there, even though I was 10 minutes early. Did 10 minutes on the rowing machine, which I'm not sure I will do again. My achilles tendon was killing me the next day.  I might not have used good form. Also did 20 minutes of fast incline walking on the treadmill -- boring. It may actually have been the walking that bothered my ankle, since I wasn't wearing great shoes.  I wear clip-in shoes for Spin class so I was just wearing basic kicks, not running shoes.

Saturday: My Pilates Circuit class, very tough.  Later that day we put in all the storms and took out the screens, which is dirty work -- we had to wash the storms since they were dirty from being in the garage.  I did a lot of other cleaning too.

Sunday: I spent some more time cleaning this morning, to get the house in shape for a new week.  Tonight was swim group. My coach put me in the fast lane with two better swimmers, and I worked my tail off trying to keep up.  I'm enjoying some well-earned lazy time now.

I feel like I have had a good, but not perfect week. LoseIt would predict that I should lose about half a pound. We will see what the scale says tomorrow.


  1. I never thought about the fact that there are only so many bikes and classes can max out! What a bummer. Does it happen often?

    I love these types of exercise notes. Like to see the mix.

    1. I belong to the YMCA/JCC system here. If you pay for one class in each section, you can sit in on most other classes free, space allowing. I registered for my Thursday class so I'm guaranteed a seat as long as I'm on time. The other classes I like we're full by the time I went to register so I have to get there early if I want a chance at a spot.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07