Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mad Men Style for Halloween

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  1. Very cute, but not exactly Halloween costume, looked like classy/great outfit!

    1. I already owned everything but the red wig in my costume. I bought my husband's suit and tie at Goodwill for $11, the hat at Target for $17.

  2. You look gorgeous! I think the red hair really suits you. I may be biased and always trying to lure people over to the Red Side, but it really does look lovely!

  3. I love it! Red is the way to go :)

  4. Thanks, Shauna and Jen, but red is a notoriously difficult shade to maintain through unnatural means. I think I'll stick with my "natural" shade, which is increasingly needing some help from the colorist. I already get my color touched up every 5 weeks, and Christina Hendricks said she has to get hers done every other week to maintain her gorgeous shade.

    I might do red highlights when the dark-dark brown becomes unflattering.

  5. You look amazing! You totally rocked the mad men look.

  6. Just catching up a bit, and what a great look! I saw the other photos you've put up and let me say, your skin is built for any color you throw at it.

    Red isn't difficult at all to obtain through natural means. You just have to buy body art quality henna to do it. I mean, it's good enough for Lucille ball right?


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