Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fitbloggin' 13

I bit the bullet and registered for Fitbloggin' 13 today. I even booked a room.

I'm hoping to speak and thought I'd crowdsource my proposal idea: What things have I talked about here that you think would make a good session?

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  1. I am trying to remember if you have participated in past years. Do people just volunteer to speak or is there a selection panel or how does it work? Interested to hear about it. I really know very little. I know that Roni is very involved now. Did she start it? Inherit it?

  2. I am thinking of going to Fitblogging.

    Maybe an Intuitive Eating Panel or maybe blogging through eating problems.

  3. Yeah!!! Glad you bit the bullet!

  4. Not going, so not my thing. But interested to hear about your process. I had never thought about the vetting system for their speakers.


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