Monday, July 23, 2012

Medication update

For those of you who read my "Medication and Weight Gain" post with interest, I thought I'd provide a quick update. I will post something more interesting tomorrow, I promise.

I saw my allergist today and we are going to try dropping the hydroxyzine. It seems to be more of a sedative for me than anything else. The nurse practitioner didn't say whether she thought it might be related to weight gain, but she did say I shouldn't be feeling as groggy as I was when I woke up.

She also thought that some of my symptoms may actually be reflux disguised as a lump in my throat and a cough.  I am going to be trying a short course of meds to see if that helps. I mentioned the idea of food sensitivities and she said there is no reliable test for them but that I should keep notes of what foods seem to give me trouble. Since DietSNAPS allows notes and journal entries along with food and exercise journaling, I figure it's a good way to streamline the whole process. This will help motivate me to journal more effectively.

As I said, I know there is no magic, but I'm still hopeful that I can make things a little easier if I get the medications straightened out.

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