Saturday, April 21, 2012

Body problems, or clothing problems?

I just finished listening to a wonderful escape of an audiobook, Paris in Love: A Memoir.  The author basically translated her facebook posts and tweets about her sabbatical in Paris into book form.  I loved listening to the book, which she read, and then I had to find her website and read her bio.  She has quite the literary pedigree. I was discouraged, after reading how huge she felt in Paris, to see how svelte she looks in her photos. If she couldn't find clothes in Paris, there is no way I ever could.

I loved her descriptions of the fashion she saw in the streets of Paris, and really want to be like one of the chic women she saw. This has been an obsession of mine for a while.

I have several problems, which are either clothing problems, body problems, or a combination of both:  I think I need to lose weight and go shopping. I feel like I am hopelessly in need of a fashion intervention.

  1. Shirts with buttons do not button. Or, if I buy them big enough to button, they make me look like a houseboat.
  2. T-shirts make me feel lumpy. I am still struggling with the dreaded muffin top.
  3. I tried wearing control camis, but they roll up at inopportune moments and make me look like I am wearing a life preserver around my waist.
  4. I only have one pair of jeans that I really like on me.
  5. Every cardigan I find is too short. I want one that hits mid-hip, but they all seem to end right at my waist. I am already short-waisted and these skimpy sweaters don't help disguise it one bit.
  6. I hate ironing.
  7. I love jackets, but am afraid the ones I have are too stuffy for casual wear.
  8. I need nicer summer options. I'm afraid I look like a hobo in my faded and holey capris.
  9. I have cute clothes for special occasions, (at least I think they're cute, please don't photograph me, see next item), but only a few things I love for everyday wear.
  10. I can think I look perfectly fine in something until I see a picture of myself wearing it.
  11. I keep cleaning out my drawers and closets only to still have a whole wardrobe full of nothing to wear.
  12. I have cute shoes that hurt my feet and ugly shoes that are comfortable. Nothing in-between.
I'm feeling pretty down about this. I have so much trouble getting dressed lately. I know it's the excess weight but I have had very little success in my reducing efforts lately.

I think rather than go shopping randomly, yet again, and ending up with one or two new things (or worse, a whole bag of t-shirts from the sale rack), I need to figure out what pieces I really need to have to make a wardrobe instead of a collection of stuff that doesn't go together.  Here's what I think I need most (besides a better body):

  • Grownup, cute summer clothes. Enough with the t-shirts and Old Navy capris, already.
  • Some casual tops that are made of real fabric, not jersey.
  • Another pair of jeans that I like, or even two more pairs.
  • A cute jacket that doesn't look like a business suit blazer.
  • Some cute and comfortable shoes.
I think it's getting harder to find fashionable, age-appropriate stuff. Since the recession, I feel like most of the stores have been stocking cheaper, flimsier clothes. It's frustrating. I don't want to look like I'm trying to dress too young, but I'm not quite ready for Eileen Fisher just yet.  

Where do you like to shop for clothes that really work for you? I have been having so little luck making it work lately?

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  1. do dresses help? One piece might work better for you - ?


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