Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back home

I got back on Friday afternoon from a three-night trip to Washington, DC. I was struck while I was there by how much thinner most people there are than the ones I see in my day-to-day life in Toledo, Ohio.  I have been half-seriously joking that the best way for me to lose the 20-30 stubborn pounds I have been fighting for the last several years is just to move to a bigger city.

First, of course, people who live in cities are a lot younger.  I am guessing that people move out to the 'burbs about the same time as middle-aged spread starts to set in. Also, they walk and take public transit.  I know I walked a lot while I was there, and carrying suitcases up and down the escalators, even when they were working, is more work than it would seem. My arms are still sore. Finally, the culture is just different.  I went to this cute little salad shop called Chop't, and when I ordered my salad as a wrap, the man behind the counter said, "Oh!" with a little surprise and even dismay in his voice. Turns out, the wrap added about 200 calories to my order.  I found myself eating differently while I was there -- ordering lighter and leaving more food behind. I felt a lot lighter when I got back but it didn't show up on the scale. Still, if I can continue to develop different habits, I should eventually see some progress.

Another thing I have done is to continue to add pieces to my wardrobe that make me feel cute. As I wrote before, I know it goes against conventional wisdom, but I realized as I was packing for this conference that I have bought very few things in the last several years that were actually things I wanted and not just things I found on sale that would work.  New purchases this week: A pair of dark, slim-cut Calvin Klein jeans. I bought them full-price because I really needed them and they looked great on.  A tangerine cardigan from J. Crew -- I had been wanting a bright orange cardigan and this one fits really great and the buttons don't pull. When I saw a similar sweater at H&M for only $20, I was tempted to return the J. Crew one, but then I realized that the color, fit, buttons, and overall look were so much better in the more expensive cardigan that it was worth the price.  I also got three pieces of Prana yoga gear at my studio 50% off -- a tank, a pair of capris, and a little dress with built-in support.  All three pieces were less than $30 each, so these were very high-quality clothes at discount store prices.

All of this continues the "as if" trend -- living as if I were already at my goal weight. If I get too small for the clothes, I will give them away.  In the meantime, as I am living my life, I want to look and feel great.

Speaking of feeling great, I have my new orthotics and they seem to be working out. I ran on the treadmill at the gym for a total of 20 minutes (interval training) and my toes didn't bother me. Today I am going to do the first Ease into 5K workout outdoors and see how it goes.  I also plan to go to swim tonight for the first time in a few weeks.  It's good to be feeling healthy again.

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  1. I totally agree with you re D.C. everyone is like so trim and fit, unexpectedly so. I think it is all the walking they do?


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