Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review: appSmitten

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I love my iPhone, not because it's great for making calls (it's not), but because having it means I'm always carrying around a great digital camera, personal communication system, music player, navigation system, and best of all, a computer with some amazing apps. I use apps to help me track my weight (LoseIt! and FatWatcher), apps to help me with my workouts (Ease into 5K, iMapmyFitness), and even to entertain my 3-year old nephew (Sirens! is his current favorite, but he also likes Talking Tom Cat). One of my favorite things is to share a new app with friends (Did you know that MapQuest for the iPhone gives turn-by-turn directions?).  It's great to find a new app that can make my life easier or more fun, so I just signed up for appSmitten, a service that reviews apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android and delivers lists to your inbox. You can choose "daily," "weekly," or "no thanks" for each of the three systems. It's a simple, free signup.

You can also check out the site's existing lists for different categories of apps, a "you show me yours" section where bloggers share their favorites, and an "overheard" section that tells us what people like Oprah and the Sex and the City characters have (or would have) on their devices. It's a fun site to explore, and if you find something you like, you can instantly see which platforms it is for and how much it costs, and click right through to download.

So, any favorite app recommendations?  I've already given you a few of mine.

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