Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The camera doesn't lie, or does it?

Note: Today I realized I had named this "The camera doesn't like..." instead of "The camera doesn't lie..." as intended. Freudian slip? I just fixed it.

I have been driven to tears by photos. You probably remember my misery about my race photos (back when I was able to do races). A couple of recent ones triggered an "I Feel Bad About My Neck " moment, because I tend to carry extra weight in my chin and I'm starting to see what I think are signs that I will develop the dreaded Turkey Neck (the horror). In other photos, I find other body parts to pick on: Arms are always a perennial favorite.  Belly. Thighs.  The usual suspects.

I had a couple of pictures taken today that I actually really love, because they're with my brand-new nephew. Yes, you can see some smile crinkles here, but I am feeling really happy to know that both he and my sister are doing well, and that I'm an auntie again.  The other stuff doesn't seem that important.

I'm not going to say that I will never have another photophobic moment, but it sure would be nice.


  1. Congrats on being an auntie again! I had a similar reaction when photos were taken of me with my grandson :-)

  2. What a beautiful photo, you look so young! I don't see crinkles, I see joy.

  3. Just found your blog... Love it!

  4. I think you look beautiful in that photo! And whether or not you are holding an adorable new baby :)

    Awhile ago I had some reminders like that which made the small stuff seem so small. I would like to get back to that point!

  5. You look like the happy aunt that you are, and lovely to boot. I totally get the photophobia but push myself to get past it by reminding myself that I want my family and friends to be able to have me in their pictures, just as they are in mine. They see ME and not the mental image I have of myself, painted in negativity.

    And as Debbi said, in this picture I see joy, too.


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