Friday, February 24, 2012

Buying clothes "on the way down"

I have been thinking a lot about Vickie's post about buying clothes while trying to lose weight. The thing that really hit home to me was the difference between her bra shopping post and mine (#1 and #2). I actually just bought two more bras online at Macy's because they were on clearance -- and after {intimacy} prices, getting 2 bras for less than $60 seemed like a deal. I haven't tried them on yet, but if they don't fit right or I don't love them on, they're going back. (More on clearance "buys" later.)

I actually feel like I have more bras than regular clothes. I am a lot happier with the way my bras are fitting than the way the rest of my wardrobe is working. I have a lot of clothes, in theory, but I find myself wearing the same things all of the time. There are still certain "problem areas" I'm struggling with and a lot of my clothes don't seem to work. I'm self-conscious in them because of my muffin top, or because the buttons pull, or for some other stupid reason.  I have some shaping camis that help a little, but I'm still just annoyed with my body right now.  I have enough clothes to "get by" but not a lot that I feel great in.

Megan's post on clothing "capsules" really makes me think that once I lose this weight (if I ever do, I've been working on re-losing it for 6+ years now), I will want to be more systematic about what I buy instead of just buying whatever off the clearance rack because it seems like a good deal. It never works, does it?  But I tell myself I shouldn't spend too much money on cute clothes now because

I am not sure why I have such a different attitude about bras. When it comes to regular clothes, I'm on Vickie's bandwagon about not spending too much but when it comes to regular clothes, I keep buying cheap t-shirts and sweaters that I end up hating but feeling too guilty to get rid of because I'd have to admit I wasted money. It probably has to do with the fact that I had a personal shopper help me pick out the bras and I picked my clothes out alone. I have a few items that an Ann Taylor salesperson helped me pick out a few years ago that I wear over and over.  And I have a blue wrap dress that I bought full price (with a coupon) because I loved it and the salesperson told me I looked great in it. Whenever I wear that, I feel great.  Having a salesperson see me in something and tell me I look great in it, even if she's lying, seems to be the magical element.

The more I think about it, the clearance rack stuff is bound to be unflattering and ugly -- that's why no one bought it full-price.  Especially considering that some stores only stock one or two 12s and 14s (why, I don't know) the clearance stuff is really the dregs.

So the question -- to buy or not to buy? I think if I do buy, I have to buy genuinely cute stuff. No more clearance-rack-sort-of-okay-make-do-because-I-don't-deserve-better.From now on, I have to love it, or leave it.


  1. I've never liked to spend a lot of money on clothes... Which made things all the harder when the largest sizes at Lane Bryant were getting snug. So when I was losing , I relied heavily on Goodwill and the kindness of friends. I lost over 140 pounds; there's no earthly way I could have justified spending real money on any given size. I also made do with too-big clothes past the point of ludicrousness (ludicrosity?) -- such as using a binder clip to hold up a too-big skirt.

    Now, I'm still getting used to not buying us sizes, even though I've been maintaining for well over two years. I feel like I have the luxury of being finicky about how something looks on me, not just being grateful that I can zip it up. I still expect to get kicked out of "normal" stores and told to go back to Lane Bryant -- like the clerks can see through to my old, fatter self. I wander through the racks in a daze realizing that even though I can find sizes that fit, I still don't really know how to dress or wear anything fashionabe.

    Oh, and Clearance is definitely shorthand for Hideous And Not Your Size Anyway.

  2. This is a lesson I am still thing I have come to realize is that before, I used to blame my body if the clothes didn't fit or look "right" and now I say, "this isn't the right size or cut or style for me, right now." It's funny, I once bought a top from a catalog (that tells you how long ago it was) and when it arrived, it was too small. I didn't return it thinking, some day I will wear that top. Years went by. I got even bigger. That top was still in my closet. Then I lost a lot of weight and one day remembered the top. It was not only a little too big, but not in style. I still hung on to it. I'd try it on every once in a while...but it was never the right top for matter how much I weighed!


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