Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekly update: The power of numbers

As I said, I knew I did some backsliding this week. I was "rewarded" with a 1.6 pound gain.

Not so fast, though. LoseIt is set for me to lose 1 pound per week by cutting 3,500 calories from the amount I need to maintain for the week. That would mean that to really have gained 1.6 pounds of fat, I would have had to consume almost 10,000 extra calories. Even if I inaccurately tracked a few meals, I was not that far off-course. At worst, I should have stayed the same this week.

When I was doing Weight Watchers fairly faithfully, I would have three weeks of losses followed by an uptick. Then the cycle would start again. Yes, that's a four-week cycle.

I plan to be very on-track this week just in case so that I see a loss next week. Since next week is also the first weigh-in of a new month, I will do my measurements too.

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