Tuesday, January 03, 2012

No Stress Fracture

The nuclear scan did not show any evidence of a stress fracture. That's good news, in a way, but bad news because I still don't have a diagnosis. My doctor initially had said "we will just wait and see." Wrong answer. I have been waiting and seeing for years now and this thing is getting better.

The doctor did say that I have a hypermobile big toe joint, and it could be that my second and third toes are getting recruited to take too much of the impact from walking and running.  I also have bunions, which are not helping things either.  Since my insurance has approved orthotics, I am seeing the doctor next week to get fitted for them. Hopefully that will keep my toes in place and I'll feel better.

The doctor removed all restrictions, so theoretically I could run. However, since I haven't done anything to fix the problem with my foot, there doesn't seem to be any reason to think it would be a good idea to try, at least until I have the orthotics.

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  1. I hate when you kinda sorta hope that something easily corrected will be wrong, and then nothing shows up. Sorry you're still on the hunt for the cause of your pain. Hope the orthotics help when you start running again.


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