Saturday, January 28, 2012

I love my Group Cycling class

Since I can't run right now, I have been going to Group Cycling two or three days a week instead. I am really enjoying it and I can feel myself getting stronger. The instructor of most of these classes has us doing pyramids -- either keeping revolutions per minute (rpms) steady and bumping up the resistance gradually, or keeping the resistance the same and doing one minute at 80 rpms, one at 90, one at 100, one at 110. It makes me feel cool and hardcore. I didn't like it, though, when we had a substitute instructor who had a playlist completely made up of Disney soundtrack songs. It's hard to feel hardcore and cool when you're hearing cutesy music from "The Lion King." And without the cartoons as a distraction, I was struck by just how lousy the music in those movies really was. I found it hard to stay focused and push myself. I plan to stick to a cycling emphasis even after I get my orthotics. I haven't been running in the cold this winter, and I don't think jumping right into it in February is going to work well for me. In previous years, I was able to gradually get used to running in the cold from fall through winter. But we have been having a mild winter so far, so maybe I can get a few outdoor sessions in. What I am thinking is focusing on cycling through late February or early March, and then, once it starts warming up, cutting back on my Spin classes and adding in more running. Once summer comes, I will be doing a lot more swimming. Signing up for the triathlon club has me thinking more and more about how I want to be ready to at least do a tri or two this summer, if my foot allows it. But yes, before anyone comments, I plan to take it very slow (using the "Ease into 5K" app) and listen to how I'm feeling. If nothing else, I can do relays or an Aquabike.

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  1. I've been considering trying a spinning class, my gym offers RPM and RPM Plus. Hearing how much you seem to enjoy it really encourages me to give it a try, thanks. Ug, I can't imagine trying to generate a decent level of motivation for a class soundtracked to Disney songs- that's just not right! :)


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