Wednesday, December 07, 2011

NaBloPoMo Round 2, Day 7: Creative Uses for my Phone's Camera

Temporary food diary:

To record mileage for reimbursement reports:

To explain why I'm late:

To remind my husband to buy the one kind of dryer sheet that doesn't make me itch:

Or the brand of food our cats like:

To remind someone to vote:

And these are just ones I had in my photo stream. I also have:

Shown the mechanic what the funny puddle under my car looked like
Remembered where I parked by taking a picture of the row/section sign
Taken a photo of something before taking it apart
Used it to show a hardware store employee what part I needed

Remember when you used to take pictures and not know whether they turned out for at least a week? Who would have thought it would be so cheap and easy to take pictures that snapping a picture would be the fastest way to record and share information?

Now try to imagine what technology we will be using in 15 years that will be equally revolutionary! I can't either.

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  1. Love this post! Very ingenious use of the iPhone :) I would be lost without mine for remembering things. I also use it to take photos of recipes in magazines in waiting rooms, or in bookshops i take pics of books i want to look for at the library!

  2. "Taken a photo of something before taking it apart"

    I've done this with the tangle of cords connecting the satellite receiver and DVD player to the television set. Genius!

    I've also taken a picture of my granddaughter's French braid so she can see what it looks like. =)

  3. Great post. I just got an iPhone & I love it. I need to check my photostream and get a good laugh.


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