Saturday, December 03, 2011

NaBloPoMo Round 2, Day 3: Imagining the Future

Here are my responses to Day Four of the Motivation Makeover

1. What results do you want?
I want to be relaxed and comfortable around food. I want to make good choices for myself and my long-term health. I want to maintain a healthy, slim weight. I want to continue to improve my fitness and health. I want to be more conscious of the choices I am making in every area of my life and feel confident that I am making good ones. I want to be more organized at work and start using my time better. I want to get my finances in order and get out of debt.

2. Imagine for a moment not getting what you want. Imagine continuing on the path you are on now. Think of health, relationships, self esteem, finances, career, fulfillment when answering:

  • The consequences are that I might continue to gain weight or at least not manage to lose weight. I will continue to have a stressful relationship to food and fitness. I will still feel overwhelmed, stressed and frazzled at work. I would probably be deeper in debt.
  • In two years' time? I would definitely stay at the same level or more likely, decline in health and happiness if I don't start working on building a healthier lifestyle. I would be starting to see negative consequences in my finances and at work.
  • In five and 10 years? I could potentially start to see serious health consequences in this timeframe if I don't take control of my weight. I would continue to feel unfulfilled at work if I don't start organizing my time better and might not be promoted. I would have doubts about being able to have a good lifestyle in retirement.
Notice that this is the future you are now creating if you don’t change course. Is this what you want? Um, no.

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