Monday, November 07, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 7: Being an Informed Voter

In the U.S., tomorrow is Election Day. Many states, like Ohio, had early voting, so many people have already cast their ballots.

This is an "off-year" election, meaning there are no presidential candidates or even statehouse candidates on our ballots, but there are some pretty big issues (Ohio Issue 2 has gotten a lot of national attention but 3 is also important. I'm voting no on both.). There are also plenty of local levies and some smaller offices like school board members on the ballot.

Finding local ballot information in an off year can be tricky. I found a good source for explanations of Ohio statewide issues, but finding local races is harder. I look at the Democratic party ticket, but I would prefer to have unbiased information about the candidates' positions on important issues.  These can be hard to come by.  I always check out our local paper's voter guide, but the paper has some deep biases, so I don't tend to give much weight to their endorsements. In bigger election years, Project Vote Smart and the League of Women Voters sites are good resources.

One place I never get information is from campaign ads or those robocalls that try to tell me what I should think.  I tend to let my home phone go to voice mail this time of the year.

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