Monday, November 28, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 28: My Triggers

This exercise is also part of Reneé Stephens's"Motivation Makeover." I am supposed to list my trigger situations and foods in order of importance:

  1. Being unsure of when I will be able to eat a real meal next, especially when there is snack food around, is a big trigger for me. If I am hungry and nervous that I won't be eating for a while, I can feel the need to eat whatever is around, especially if it's tempting. Then I eat the meal too and feel stuffed.
  2. Snack foods, including most prepackaged salty snacks (chips, Bugles, everything from the -itos family) and candy, are big triggers for me. The more variety, the more of it I will want to eat.
  3. Social situations with food, especially, again, when there is a lot of variety.  If I am nervous about my potential interactions with the people there, the buffet table has a special allure.
  4. Grading papers or trying to write makes me think I need a snack.
  5. Being around foods I don't normally have available, like homemade desserts or other special treats, makes me want to "get it while I can."
  6. Feeling headachy, lightheaded, or dizzy.
  7. Feeling like I've "blown it" by eating too much, especially when I am following Weight Watchers or any other diet where I have a certain food allotment.  Once I am over limit, I seem to think it's a good idea to keep going.
  8. Being around other people who seem to be enjoying eating.
  9. Sharing food with someone, especially if that someone eats fast.
  10. Getting too hungry makes me have trouble controlling my food intake.
I have a lot of triggers.  I will be curious to see how to overcome these. Logic alone doesn't always seem to work.

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  1. Overcoming triggers is hard, but identifying them is an important step. Many of these look very familiar as they pop up in my life, too. One big trigger for me is time of day - mid morning and when I get home from work are both times when my mouth wants to be chewing something, even if I'm not hungry. Drinking water just doesn't cut it.


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