Friday, November 11, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 11: 11 Links for 11/11/11

I thought I'd celebrate today's date (11/11/11) by sharing 11 links. Some made me think, some helped me to learn something new, and some just plain made me happy (see #1)

1. "Terracotta Lego Army" by The Flickr Blog. 
Amazing pictures. If you only pick one link to click in this post, click this one.
2. "The Last Twenty Pounds" by Refuse to Regain:
What I've learned is that the biggest problem with weight loss is the perception that it's somehow done when the scale registers a certain number.  As this blog has reiterated ad nauseum, initial weight loss is simply the price we pay for admission to the rest of a newly designed life with food.  Once your body has stopped losing, it may well be time to start working on maintenance.  Since you are going to vastly change the way you eat and move around, and since this is going to be a lifelong project, there is no hurry.  Many people continue to lose as they learn to maintain.  Perhaps that will be the better way to go.  I know that this is anathema to those who want to be done...and for whom done means a particular number on the scale.  To them I gently say, "What's the hurry? You've done wonderfully well and you have a lifetime to figure out your final equilibration."
3. "Ego DOMS" by The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl:
 One side-effect of regained poundage has been the occasional return of paranoia that instructors will think larger = rubbish. But at least these days when that kind of defensiveness pops up, I can observe it in a bemused I see what're you doing there kind of way, then move on. And channel it into a good abdominal workout!
4. "Embracing Imperfection" by  Weightless:
I assumed that if I were model-thin, I’d be popular, successful, happy and no one would ever want to hurt me or criticize me. Why would they? I’d be perfect.
But in reality, striving for perfection creates empty shells of ourselves. And what would the world look like if that were the case?
 5. "Does the HAES Approach Mean I'm Giving Up?" by healthateverysizeblog
In a world of “get everything you ever wanted by following my ten easy steps, five point plan or three rules” the Health At Every Size approach offers subtlety and complexity.  The HAES approach means that people have to honor their own bodies and seek to find their own rules.   And the markers for success aren’t as clear-cut.  There’s no “after” picture.  There’s no goal weight victory party.  And for a culture that is obsessed with winning at all costs, this is also a sacrifice.
6.   "Needing and Sharing Comfort Food: It's Human, Dump the Guilt" by Lynn's Weigh
Comfort food – when used in moderation, and particularly when it’s shared with people we love (Thanksgiving and mashed potatoes, anyone?) – is OK. Dump the guilt! God knows I spent years during my weight loss/maintenance feeling guilty for eating food that soothed my soul. I’m so over that.  
 7.   "New Low (By a Teeny Bit)" by Helly's Belly
I have been shopping a few times the past few weeks -- determined to buy things that don't just fit, but look good on me too. It has been hard -- I am used to buying something if it fits and I like the color or style regardless of how it looks on ME. I have now gotten three new dresses that fit those criteria and have started wearing my older smaller work clothes again (so they feel like new) and I feel pretty this week. Feeling pretty feels good. My mood is fantastic. :-)
8.  "Thoughts v. Actions" by A Place in the Family of Things
Have you ever looked around at your life and been suddenly struck by the fact that it doesn’t match up at all with your priorities?
Okay, maybe “at all” is an exaggeration. But this much is true: what I value isn’t reflected by the choices I make every day. 
9. "Safe at this Size" by Life of L
 I don't feel obese anymore.  Size 12 is average.  I am still overweight, but I can run and lift weights and hold my body weight in pilates.  I'm not eating sugar or processed foods as my main meals (although my nights are still a problem as far as that goes).  My husband likes the way I look.  And I feel good. 
But all that combined isn't the true, deep down reason for staying this weight.  The real reason is that I feel SAFE at this size. 
Nobody comments on my body or my clothes.  Nobody asks if I've lost weight.  Nobody asks me about diets or exercise or "what's your secret?" 
At this size, I'm still invisible. 
10. "The Dawn Breaks" by Knit. Run. Reap. Eat.
I love my house early in the morning. Actually I love my house anytime, but at this hour of the day, when the sun is creeping up over the eastern mountains and the western ones are still dark silhouettes against the sky, it's just dreamy and lovely and still and quiet and perfect. And I love it.

There's so much promise in the dawn. Anything could happen today – I could even predict some of the events which will certainly break this early-morning stillness – but right now it's calm and peaceful and pretty.
 11. "Inspired to Write About Inspiration" by I Face the Sun
You can be inspired, but stories do take cultivation, and I know I’m not the best gardener. In a real garden, if you get annoyed with maintaining the plants, you can choose to just let them run wild and it might look wonderful. With stories, if you don’t maintain them and care for them, they don’t do anything. They don’t die, but they don’t bloom either....stories are everywhere. Anything that settles in your heart and won’t leave is a potential story.


  1. Hey thank you for the shout out! Lots of great reads there too :)

  2. I thank you, too, Jen. I went back and read that whole entry and realized it was before this cold hit me. Those were the days ... Seriously, many thanks.

  3. Hi, Jen - thanks for the shout out and I'm honored to be in such prolific and creative company! The NaBloPoMo participants are blowing me away. I think I'll reserve that challenge for 2012. - Elizabeth


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