Monday, October 10, 2011

Blogger meetup

I was trolling through Google Reader yesterday and I saw that Karen was actually in the Toledo area to promote her book AFTER (the before and after). It's always fun to meet up with bloggers I read, so I suggested that we meet for coffee.  Her friend Liz, whose blog I hadn't read before I re-read Karen's post, also came along.  Here's the requisite arms'-length smartphone photo of us in the bookstore:

From left: Karen, Liz (in back), and yours truly

I had a lot of fun chatting with both of them.  Coffee turned into lunch, which meant I played hooky from grading papers for most of the day, which I felt was totally worth it. We all met through the weight-loss blogging community, and had some similar experiences: We all went all-out getting to our goal weights, then found that we couldn't stay there.  We all are doing our best to find some sort of balance between eathing healthy and having a life. Karen and I discussed the book Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon, which will be reviewed on this site in the near future, as soon as it arrives and I have time to read it. I am hoping that it will have a balance that leans more toward "health" than "at every size." I still don't feel like I've found that balance yet.

We also talked a little about writing, as Liz and Karen are both freelancers.  I snooped a little into the blog-to-book process, even though I don't really see enough of a coherent narrative in my blog to really consider that as an option for me.

I love the blog community, but it's funny, when Karen asked me what blogs are my favorites, I couldn't think of too many of my real favorite bloggers who are still posting regularly.  Most of the ones I really love seem to have gone into twice-monthly posting mode.  I explained how I put people into my feed reader and then drop them if I don't like reading them, if the authors post seven times a day with trivial stuff like "Here is a picture of my sandwich!"  or try so hard to be like a magazine writer that I don't see much of a personal touch (I think I may have dissed one of their favorite bloggers when I mentioned by name one of the blogs I am considering deleting from my reader, and won't repeat my mistake here).

My feed reader is full of  links to blogs that have mostly gone silent, though I keep the links there in case they come back to life again. I think I need to find some new favorites. Karen and Liz mentioned several blogs that I haven't tried yet, and will have to find if I can remember them.  Feel free to post links to blogs you like in the comments (as long as they are real blogs and not just marketing sites).


  1. How cool is that!? Sounds like it was a great afternoon. And dagnabbit, two of my favourite blogging ladies on one room... I hope one day we can meet at the same time :)

  2. I'm new to the blogging world, and I'm hoping that some of the blogs that have gone silent will come back to life. I'm unsure of what blogs you are following, but I can't get enough of; interesting information from an obesity doctor in Ottawa.

  3. It was GREAT to meet you Jen! I am finally back in Connecticut and catching up on stuff...and I've added your blog to my reader so I won't miss another post.

    Also, thanks for the review...I've linked to it from my site. I appreciate your words!


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07