Friday, September 09, 2011

A stroll through the blog archives

I accidentally clicked on one of the archive links on my blog sidebar, and I got a kick out of reading through some old posts and comments.  Remember when Vickie was obsessed with her belly? And now she's a wonder woman. Remember when there was a little blogging community that posted lots of comments on everyone's blogs, before we all got feed readers? It's funny to look at posts where I was working on my dissertation or stressed about trying to find a job.  I am a little jealous of former-me, who seems to have been much thinner than current-me and much more on track with food and exercise. That version of me was worried about the "new" Weight Watchers program, which I think was Momentum, and it seemed to be working well.  Also, that me had an at-work meeting, which I always liked better than the ones at Centers.

I found this list of resolutions for 2007 and thought I'd see how many of them I achieved since then:

  • Get back to my goal weight in the next couple of months so I can stop paying for Weight Watchers meetings (NO: Did not get to goal weight but am not currently paying for or going to WW meetings)
  • Defend my dissertation in May for an August graduation (YES: Well, I defended in October and graduated in December that year, but at least I graduated)
  • Find a tenure-track faculty job (YES: I have a full-time faculty job and don't really care that our school doesn't have tenure)
  • Find a home where neither my husband or I has more than a 15-minute commute to work (CLOSE: My commute is about 7 minutes and my husband's is closer to 20. But it averages to less than 15 minutes per person)
  • Become more centered and at peace with myself (IN PROGRESS)


  1. Very cool, huh. I have old journals and it is very revealing looking back and reflecting.

  2. Congratulations on achieving some of the most major goals in there! Weight loss will come, I'm sure of it, the more you stick to it! <3

  3. Love this post... I reckon you are doing pretty darn good :) Totally get what you mean by being a little jealous of your 2007 self... not that I appreciated it at the time! :)

  4. I'm almost afraid to go through my blog archives from that a couple years ago. I've gone backwards as far as achieving goals goes. Time to turn it around.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07