Sunday, August 07, 2011

The way to eat

This summer, thanks to Groupon, I have found some amazing restaurants and events.  Two are real standouts for me, though.  When we went to a Groupon-ticketed show in Tecumseh, Michigan, the theater staff recommended we try Evans Street Station for dinner.  Last night, I finally used a Groupon for Revolver, a local restaurant so good that it was reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, rare for a Northwest Ohio establishment.

What do these two restaurants have in common? They suggest a saner way to eat.

Too many American restaurants try to demonstrate that they are a good value by drowning their patrons in food. These restaurants suggest an alternate definition: Great, fresh ingredients, prepared with care but not fussily, served in small courses so diners can really enjoy each bite.

Dinner lasted about two hours, including dessert (shared) and coffee.  I felt completely satisfied without having overeaten. (I felt that I did overdrink, though, because the staff kept refilling our wineglasses from the bottle we got to share) I loved the whole experience.

People always wonder about the French Paradox, this question of why the French are thinner and healthier than Americans even though they eat cheese and pastry.  These dinners suggest the answer -- they treat their food with respect and take time over it. They don't gobble down mass quantities as they drive down the freeway.

On the way home from the restaurant last night, a driver in front of me was swerving erratically across her lane.  I peeked in the car as I carefully drove by -- she had a sandwich in her hand.  I'm not saying that I have never been guilty of dining while driving, but it doesn't seem to show the food -- or the other drivers -- much respect to give so little attention to either, does it?

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  1. Completely agree; it would be great if restaurants would scale back the insane portion sizes of high fat, high sodium filler foods.

    On a recent trip to Newfoundland, we ate lunch at a diner type restaurant. They had smaller portion meals available - for seniors only.

    I emailed Irving Oil Corportaion (some gas stations have a restaurant) to ask why these meals weren't available to everyone. They responded back that must have been a rule at that particular restaurant. I'll have to send them a link to their own website to show them that is not the case!


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