Friday, May 06, 2011

The Biggest Loser Season 11, Episode 18: Makeover Ripoff

As I said, this week was Makeover Week, and Tim Gunn arrived in a pumpkin carriage that had to have been borrowed from Disneyland and said, completely deadpan, that he was their "Fairy Godfather." He said he had three gifts for them, the makeover and two more that would be a surprise.  I have to admit that I felt a little shortchanged by this season's Makeover Week episode with Tim Gunn. It was another one-hour episode, and with all the commercials, it felt very short. I had hoped for a more traditional makeover show, where we watched Tim shop with the contestants and got to see some of the behind-the-scenes secrets of their transformations.  The focus here was all on creating a dramatic reveal, so we saw almost none of the kinds of scenes I was hoping for.

Instead the effect was very Disney Princess.  I actually wondered if the castle garden setting might be at the park or some movie set. The three women were put into very similar sparkly dresses of different pastel colors, the kind of gowns you would only see in beauty pageants or a show like this one. They each got a ride in the pumpkin carriage and, after a hug with Tim Gunn, got to see some of their family members -- Tim's second gift to them.  The first reveal was Hannah, and I have to admit that as a brunette, I was sad to see that they took this gorgeous fellow dark-haired girl and made her into a blonde.  She's still beautiful, of course, but the hair and makeup looked dated to me. Of the three, only Olivia got to keep her dark hair, but it was cropped into a short bob.  I think Irene's hair was pretty, all tumbling reddish-blonde curls.  Of course the guys got dressed up too. Jay and Austin looked handsome in their tuxes. Jay gave up the facial hair but Austin still kept some of his and his boyish curls were trimmed and highlighted.

It was sweet to see the families reunited.  Austin got to see his mom, who seemed much nicer than her earlier grouchy cameo on the show would have suggested. She seemed very proud of Austin and very supportive.  Irene reunited with her mom, who had been on the show with her at the beginning and seems to have continued to lose weight at home.  Hannah met up with her misty-eyed dad, and Olivia got to see him and her trimmed-down husband.  There was definitely a "last day at camp" feeling to it all.

It was comforting to see everyone back in their Biggest Loser outfits and minimal makeup again, and to realize that they really didn't look quite as different as I thought. Olivia's cute short hair seemed hard for her to work with in real life -- I have always had the same issue with shorter styles.  Their challenge this week gave them a chance to win one of two cars.  They have to dig keys out of car-shaped sandcastles and run to the end of a long pier to try to start the cars.  Irene won the first one, and she planned to give it to her mom.  I was hoping Austin would win the second, but instead New Yorker Olivia won it.

Then there was the weigh-in and Tim Gunn's third gift. I won't ruin it for you... but I will say that Rulon also may have contributed to this gift.

What did you think about the makeovers? I would have liked to see the contestants in clothes I could relate to a little better, but I also understood the appeal of getting glammed up to the max in sparkly, impractical clothes.  Sorry, guys, a tux is a tux.  Nothing to see there.


  1. I really disliked Hannah's hair too! And I felt like they could have found dresses for the ladies that were a little more chic. I will say that seeing Hannah sing on the scale was incredibly moving and beautiful.

  2. Oops, I meant seeing Olivia sing!

  3. Wasn't a fan of dresses (as you said).

    I thought Hannah's dress was very unflattering (both the cut and the datedness, it looked like it belonged in a Mermaid movie). Olivia's was a little better (didn't look like a mermaid at least).

    I actually rewound the show to compare Hannah's weight to Olivia's. The numbers were Hannah 154 lbs/5' 8" and Olivia 158 lbs/5' 9". From the way they were dressed, it looked like a 10+ lbs plus difference the other way around (in my opinion). difference in cuts is huge, and add the TV/pounds thing to it and it is remarkable.

    What was very interesting is that Hannah's size looked more proportional on my computer screen (looking for numbers) than on wide screen TV. Or maybe I was just used to seeing that darned dress.

    When I looked up their bmi, they are now both in normal range. They have lowest bmi of anyone. And they look that way to me. (I looked up Kaylee and she is still in overweight category, not even marginally overweight, but full overweight). (Irene has the highest percentage of loss, and weighs less at 152 lbs, but her bmi is still in the marginally overweight category because she is 5'4")

    I cringe my way through the last episode every season because of the strapless dresses. so when I saw the cut of these dresses, it was a reminder to mentally gear up to see a lot of excess skin (that could be much better disguised) in a couple weeks.

    I thought they could have done much better with Hannah's hair too (I agree, the blond was just dumb). Because it was beautiful before they started.

    I do keep my hair short (I am 50) and you are right - issue with workouts. either have to keep it short enough to stay out of face even when soaked with sweat or upside down OR have it long enough to pull back.

    they really blew it with editing (in my opinion) because they could have used the hour much better so we were not cheated out of makeover details. The end could have been done in just a a minute or two of number recaps.

  4. I was disappointed in this episode, too.

    I hated what they did to Hannah, and I don't think Hannah liked it, either. She looked really uncomfortable. Vickie is right about the dress on Hannah. It made her look really heavy, and she's not. She was trying to be happy, and she was truly happy to see her dad, but her smile looked forced. I couldn't believe they gave her bangs and made her blonde. The hairdresser should be fired.

    Olivia looked gorgeous, and I think she can pull off that shorter hair look. Never thought about what a waste for her to win a car since she lives in NY. She will probably sell it or give it away.

    I loved that Olivia sang--I just wish they'd have let US hear her more. Bob's reaction was moving and sweet. But I had to rewind it so I could try to hear her singing through all the chatter they edited in. Maybe the B team was in charge of editing this week. It was pretty lame all around.

    Good review from you, though! :)


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