Sunday, April 24, 2011

I just cancelled my Weight Watchers account (again)

It's not as drastic as it sounds.  My big frustration with the Weight Watchers Monthly Pass is that they bill you so far in advance. It isn't even the end of April yet, and I was just billed through June 5.  So my "cancellation" just means, "don't automatically charge me in a week for all of June."  I am starting to think about wanting to leave Weight Watchers again and I want to have some time to make the decision without getting billed again for another month.

I know I have said in the past that I should never leave Weight Watchers because I just rejoin later, heavier.  That is the only reason I'm just thinking about leaving and not already committed to doing so.  I have not been successful following Weight Watchers.  I find it very hard to stay within my allotted points, even with the activity points I earn plus the Weekly Points.  When I do manage to follow it, I lose very quickly but am hungry the whole week.  I think the calorie deficit created by Weight Watchers may be high for someone who is as active as I am. The problem is, I have no way of knowing.  A woman struggling with 20 pounds called into this week's Jillian Michaels Show who seemed to be in a situation very similar to mine. She is also very active and doing Weight Watchers.  Unlike me, she sounds like she has been diligent in tracking and is not losing weight. When Jillian asked her how many calories she was eating, she didn't know, and she also didn't know how many she was burning. That left Jillian in a bind, she just couldn't tell the caller what to do next without that information. She did suggest the same thought I have had -- that Weight Watchers creates the kind of big calorie deficit that works well for losing lots of weight but not as well for losing small amounts of weight.  If I do leave Weight Watchers, it will be to use LoseIt instead to count calories.

I just don't know. I have heard the estimate that the new PointsPlus are equivalent to 40 calories each.  If that  is true, it would be 1440 calories per day plus any exercise points I earn.  That seems a little low for a baseline. I have tried "double journaling," using both Weight Watchers and LoseIt, and it's just too much work.

I'm still thinking and really don't know what my final decision will be. I will have until early June to make up my mind. During that time, I might still go to meetings temporarily while I'm figuring it out.  I want to give LoseIt a trial run for a few weeks. If I don't like it I have plenty of time to reactivate my Weight Watchers account.

Input is welcome, as long as you keep it constructive.


  1. P.S. If Weight Watchers would just allow me to see summaries of calories, fat, protein, carbs, and fiber (they collect that info anyway), I would be less likely to make this change.

  2. I have been trying the new program, as well, and I cancelled my WW monthly pass membership yesterday. I find their new program more complicated and less effective. I was more confident with their old points program, and it had a simplicity that was very user friendly. I am going to use a dietician's exchange plan for a while. I need a break from counting points and calories.

  3. every experienced (really good) personal trainer I have ever known says exactly what you wrote in your 'P.S.' - one has to look at the ratios to figure out what is working or not working.

    The classes I am in now are with all NON-weight loss people (never had any extra weight and work very hard to keep it that way, all in my age bracket and with multiple kids) and they talk about these same ratios in regard to maintaining.

    They watch ratios carefully around their exercise schedule to have energy and be able to really work. (It is very interesting to observe.)

    Will be interesting to see what you find as you work through this process.

    I totally agree what works at higher weights (often) changes at lower weights. Ages change as we progress. Our exercise levels (often) change dramatically.

    (I have saved a whole pile of plateau/stall links on my side bar.)

  4. 1 P+ of FOOD is closer to 33-48 calories with 35 as the formula's denominator.

    For DAILY TARGETS, 35 is used. So 29*35 = 1015 calorie target.

    Actual food consumption of 29 could be 29*45 = 1392 before accounting for free fruit.

    There is a spark people forum for people struggling with P+, you might find some thoughts/inspiration there:

  5. I came across your journal - n you sound a bit like me :) I i ww in the beginning of my weight loss journey (i have lost over 160 pound) ww didnt work for me cos i could never balance the whole points you eat against the output - i now count calories an my tracker (biest loser club in australia) how me the breakown of carb/protein/fat etc an i find that sooooooooooo helpful!!! good luck with your decision!!

  6. I hear ya. I love my WW meetings, but dislike points. I track calories, carbs, fat, fiber and protein in on my phone...and I can convert to pointsplus at the end of the day to see where I am.

    I recently found out through having a metabolism screening, that I need appx 2100 calories a day to lose 2 lbs per week. My pointsplus allowance was brining me in the 1500 calories range. I actually needed more. That was interesting to find out.

  7. Your whole post sounds so familiar! I've been on and off WW for years and always with really minimal success. I'll lose around 15 lbs and then start to backslide because I get so tired of counting points. I don't think I'd go as far as to blame the program, but it can get frustrating. I was cruising along this time around and had reached 12.8 pounds lost and then the new program completely derailed me. I think the old program was more user friendly and much easier to estimate points, ie; 1 point was about 50 calories. I feel really at a loss now when it comes to guestimating, and I think the need to guestimate is immensely undervalued on the new program. Now that it's more difficult to guess, I find myself much more apt to give up tracking just because I get to tired of looking everything up.
    With that being said, last week I decided to try "reverse tracking" whereby I track dinner to dinner now. It really made a difference because if I go over in points at dinner, it's really easy to eat light at work because I can distract myself. I weighed-in tonight and lost 2.4 lbs..what a relief. Now the questions is, can I keep it up? I'll keep following your blog, I'd like to see someone have success with something other than WW.

  8. Hi, reading this a year later..but that is why I left too. How annoying, right? I wonder how many other people have complained about this and if in the last year they have improved the billing system.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07