Monday, March 21, 2011

The Biggest Loser Season 11, Episode 11: All Together Now

After Sarah's elimination, the two teams are now even.  They are brought together to hear about the latest twist in the game: Instead of two teams, Red and Black, there will be just one this week, the new Blue Team. As a team, all of the contestants will be working together to try to lose more than 64 pounds.  They will train together, compete in challenges together, and all work together on their common goal.  I thought it was a nice change of pace from the usual competitive frenzy.  

Before the action gets started, Marci and Courtney have a heart-to-heart with Dr. H., who tells Courtney that she is now down to 35% body fat, which is average for women in America (that's less than my Tanita scale says I have, by the way).  Marci gets even better news -- she is now at her ideal weight. That's great news, but of course it means that the team can't count on much, if any, loss from her this week since her new goal is to maintain.  Dr. H. also meets with Moses and Kaylee, and Moses learns that his scary risk factors have all been reduced.  He still has quite a ways to go, though, and it still seems like he is overfocused on the tiny amount that Kaylee still has to lose rather than the 100 or so pounds he still could stand to drop. 

This week Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia preside over a cooking challenge. Teams of two -- each pair made up of one member from the former Red Team and one from the former Black Team -- compete to create their favorite healthy dish for the guest chefs. You can get the recipes for the dishes the contestants made on the website. Hannah really played up her crush on Curtis Stone for comic effect the whole time.  I am guessing that most of the recipes came from the Biggest Loser cookbooks, but the team that won seemed to have made their recipe up themselves.  The prize could be a big one: The team that wins each get the Biggest Loser meal delivery service for the entire time between their arrival back home and the finale. Having all of their meals portioned out for them could be the difference between winning and losing.

Since the teams are combined, the trainers decide to switch teams and train the contestants they haven't worked with yet.  Bob and Jillian seem to enjoy training the big guys, and the former Black Team gets to try out the boxing/mixed martial arts stylings of Cara and Bret.  It's obvious that Bob and Jillian are the tougher trainers, as the former Red Team struggles through their workout and the former Black Team seems to have fun trying something new.

The team competes together in a horrible physical challenge to win five pounds in their weigh-in.. Players have to follow a rope buried deep in the sand to answer trivia questions about the show (mostly players' weight-loss stats).  Players tag in in pairs to work together -- after each question, two more players come in.  At first they do it easily. Rulon can just yank on the rope and pull it up.  As more players join the challenge, the rope is buried deeper and deeper.  Hannah injures her hand digging in the sand.   They just make it across the finish line in time and win the advantage.  Now they only have to lose 59 pounds as a group.

The weigh-in is a dramatic nailbiter. At first it seems easy for the players to average 5 pounds of weight lost each.  Sure, Marci and Kaylee will have trouble losing that much, but there are enough big players to pick up the slack.  As a few players start to have bad numbers, we realize this is not going to be as easy as we thought. 

I won't reveal the ending because it's not important to the plot, I will just say that toward the middle of the weigh-in, it became obvious what would happen.  

Final note: Jillian posted a link to a video of a deleted scene between her and Austin that gives some insight into what happened when he and Ken were at home.  He said he tried to spend as little time at home as possible so he would have to face what was happening with his mom and dad. When Jillian asked about it, he said it was the same stuff that got him to over 400 pounds. At the same time, he felt guilty for leaving his mom behind with her problems with food.  I really feel for him and for his mom. This situation can't be easy for either of them. 

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