Thursday, January 06, 2011

Review: Glider Gloves

This is a totally unsolicited, uncompensated review. I bought the gloves with my own money.

As some of you know, I am a hardcore outdoor runner. I find treadmill runs boring and I have plenty of good outdoor gear to keep me warm on winter runs, so I get do three-ish runs a week in the great outdoors. I only skip out if the temperature is below 10 or the conditions are too icy for good footing.

Until recently the one chink in my outdoor armor was my gloves. I bought the cheap stretchy gloves that come in bundles of three at Target.  My hands warm up quickly unless the wind is really bad, and I had never felt like investing in nice workout gloves until I heard Dr. Fitness mention on the Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy show that he had found some gloves that worked with the touchscreen on his phone.  Immediately, I decided that I needed iPhone-friendly gloves. I use the Couch to 5K and Bridge to 10K apps for my runs, and I was starting the workout in the car because I didn't want to take off my gloves in the cold, and I often got stuck listening to crummy songs or a podcast I had already heard before because I didn't want to remove my gloves to change the music.

I did a search on for iPhone gloves and found a pair that seemed like they might work and put them on my wish list. They didn't, so when I got them for Christmas, I ended up returning them (Amazon was nice about the refund). Most of the iPhone gloves were really expensive, so I kept searching elsewhere.

I found a link to Glider Gloves and liked what I saw. These looked like an upgraded version of my stretchy gloves. I don't love the color, and unfortunately they don't have other options available right now, but I thought warmth was more important than fashion.  Rather than buying them from the website, I bought them on eBay so I could use some money I had in my PayPal account. I also ordered my husband a pair, since he also runs and uses his iPhone.

Because I usually wear a large in women's gloves, I ordered the M/L and I'm glad I did. I have fairly long fingers and these gloves feel like they just fit. I think they may need to offer a larger size to fit most men's hands. I wore mine for the first time yesterday on a 20-minute run. The gloves were warm enough and kept the wind out much better than the gloves I usually wear. Best of all, they were great with the touchscreen on my iPhone.  I even was able to update my Weight Watchers log after my run. I think they almost work better than bare hands.  I didn't notice them getting sweaty, though my husband said his did and that the iPhone responsiveness wasn't quite as good when they were wet.

In seriously cold weather, these are tight enough that you could wear them under a warmer pair of gloves, but that would make them less useful as iPhone gloves. For my purposes, though, they were a definite upgrade from what I was using before. 

The only problem is that I wasn't able to order them in pink or purple.  I tend to do that to keep my husband from borrowing my gloves when his are dirty. He might borrow a black pair, but he wouldn't wear pink ones.  I'm hoping that once the company has a little more business, they will be able to expand their color and size options.


  1. I can't remember wearing a pair of gloves in my life(the perks of living in semi desert country), but these look good. Obviously designed by a man if it doesn't come in pink or purple.

  2. just stumbled upon your blog - will have to check these out. I've been wearing cheap $1 gloves for outdoor runs which is fine for 40+ degree runs but notsomuch for primetime winter. Haven't justified an iphone pair since I always lose gloves but I may have to check these out. Thanks for reviewing! if you'd like to follow us!

  3. Found your site looking for reviews on these gloves. I'm planning on doing the C210K and have to walk my husky 2x a day (and in -29C that is not fun!). Looks like I'll have a pair in the very near future. You still loving these?

  4. I am, but as I said -- in really cold weather you might want to add warmer gloves on top. They are lightweight and the cold does get through, especially on windy days.


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