Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Does fruit make you hungry?

A couple of the members at my meeting were saying that though they liked having fruit as a zero-points snack option, they found that they were akways hungry if that was all they had for a snack.

When I was a teenager, if I said I was hungry, my mom would always tell me to have a piece of fruit. It was a healthy idea, but I found the same thing, that fruit made me actually feel hungrier than if I didn't have it. I don't like eating fruit on a truly empty stomach.

What I do like is having fruit with my meals or in that in-between stage where I'm not really hungry-hungry but could go for something to eat. Or, if I am hungry, I like to have 9 almonds or a string cheese (1 point) with the fruit.

There are people in my meetings who seem to be taking the fact that some starchy foods have more points now to mean that they should never eat them.  One woman said she felt like she was in ketosis. I really don't think the new plan, despite its emphasis on protein, was ever intended to be a low-carb plan. After all, it allows members have FRUIT for NO POINTS.  I think the idea is to reduce empty carbs (100-calorie packs and rice cakes) and replace them with more whole foods. But I still find room in my points to have my favorite sprouted-grain bread and even eat pasta now and then.  I think the whole carb issue is something Weight Watchers needs to clarify, maybe with one of their weekly booklets.

New Biggest Loser season starts tonight! I am going to try to get my review out tomorrow morning or Thursday at the latest.


  1. Fruit also makes me feel very hungry. I avoid fruit in the afternoon between meals, because I know I will be starving until dinner. Fruit doesn't have that same effect on me if I eat it with a meal. Perhaps that is true because the protein I eat with my meals helps. I think that the fructose in fruit may cause an insulin spike, which in turn would make some of us more hungry than before. This is especially true with apples!

  2. Jane is right. Fruit is mostly sugar and a little complex carbohydrate, so it is the most quickly digested type of nutrients. Sugary/starchy items quickly raise your blood sugar, and when your body regulates by lowering blood sugar again, you get hungry. Eating fruit with a meal, or choosing a snack that includes protein and fat (such as the almonds, thus increasing satiety) can help stave of hunger longer. It makes a lot of sense that many don't find fruit helpful for hunger control.

  3. my dietician says to tack it onto the end of a meal and not eat it in isolation, but i have never asked why....interesting.

  4. interesting. i have never thought about it...

  5. I agree with Tempest. My lapband nurse told me never to eat a carb (including fruit) in isolation. Combining it with a protein (almonds, cheese, peanut butter, whatever) gives the body instant energy from the carb but the protein is what staves off the hunger over a longer time.


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