Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No Weigh-In Pass

As you could probably tell from yesterday's post, last week was not a diet-friendly one. I'm still feeling sluggish from the extra party food I ate.  Today is a new Weight Watcher week and I had a last-minute work thing that was scheduled over my usual meeting. I decided to weigh in privately at home instead of driving around to another meeting.  I knew I would be up anyway, and I was, but since my scale is not calibrated to WW, I don't know exactly how much. I'm willing to live with that uncertainty until next Tuesday.

I'm ready to push the reset button and start a new week. What I liked about the old Winning Points program (I know, I'm reaching back here) is that each day was its own new day. The weekly points change that for me -- if I blow it one day, I feel in the hole until a new week starts, and I had a couple of parties last week. I also didn't get to exercise the way I usually do, which is probably part of why I feel grumpy and heavy.

Onward and, hopefully, downward.  I had a good first week on the new plan, but last week showed me that the new plan isn't magically going to make it easy when there are special circumstances. I need to use that brain of mine...


  1. I don't do WW but if it's a weekly points plan, then if you blow it one day, can't you use less points the next day to balance out your week?

  2. you have to change your mindset : )

    every meal you eat YOU get to choose how much/what it is. So you overindulge at a party, whooo doesnt? but for breakfast the next day, make it lighter. :)

    say it out loud "bombing one day does not define the week"

    but dont worry - i do it too. i have to tell myself that all the time!

  3. Those Winning Points worked well for so many of us, and yeah, it did make it easier to think of each day as a restart. Forget what time of year it is and just restart each day. Each meal/food event it just one of many during the week (easy to say, hard to remember in context, though).

    Can you find ways at home to get in some exercise if you find you can't get out to do your usual workouts? Exercise is good for the body but also mind and spirit, as you have said before. I think if you can get that in even in small doses, it will help you deal with the food.

    And taking my own advice, I think I need to do the same :)


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07