Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Biggest Loser Season 10: Finale!

This was a no-big-surprises finale for me.  I wasn't surprised that Ada was chosen over Elizabeth. I wasn't surprised that Elizabeth, though she looked good, hadn't lost a lot of weight at home. I wasn't surprised that all the final four looked terrific. I wasn't surprised by the at-home winner. And I was fairly certain that the person who won was going to be "The Biggest Loser." But it isn't about what happens. It's seeing how it all plays out. And, of course, seeing how everyone looks.

In this case, the biggest surprise was that next season, Season 11, will have two new trainers.  We didn't see their faces. All we got to see were their silhouettes, miming out various moves. The new woman trainer is a boxer. The new male trainer looked like Spiderman, some sort of martial-arts-acrobat-type.  Jillian and Bob will still be there next season, but then Jillian is leaving to go do other things, try to become the new Oprah and "a mommy."

The first season I really watched on "The Biggest Loser" was Season 2.  That season, the finale was really great.  We got to see the contestants at home trying to translate their on-campus success into an at-home lifestyle. We got to see their struggles and the strategies they used to overcome them.  In the last few seasons, though, there is no new footage in the finale. The live show is the only new stuff, and the video clips are the same ones we've been watching all season of each contestant's defining moment.

The only thing to watch for, then, is how much more the contestants have lost since leaving the show and what outfit they decided to wear. I thought contestants had stylists to help them choose clothes, but from a remark that Rick made, they are given a clothes budget and they pick it out themselves. Rick chose to wear a tux and looked really confident. Some of the other contestants came up with some pretty crazy outfits. Anna's red minidress with black tights was pretty over-the-top, but she looked happy and done a great job losing at home. Sophia looked weird, hadn't lost much weight, and kept doing this Gene Simmons thing with her toungue that was really annoying.  She probably thought it looked rock and roll, but it just said "I'm off my meds." 

A lot of the contestants, especially those who left early, hadn't lost a lot of weight since we last saw them.  The real standouts, other than the Final Four, were Adam, Jesse, Aaron, and Mark, who won the at-home prize.  He would have beaten the overall winner if he had been in the final four.

After all the preliminaries, it was time for the moment of truth.  Out of the final three, Frado was the Biggest Loser on the ranch so he got to choose the order. He went first, then Ada, and finally Patrick. Frado looked very thin and weighed in with a total loss of 162 pounds.  Ada looked amazing, seemed very happy, and had lost a total of 99 pounds. Patrick lost 181 pounds, looked cute in his jeans, and though he was not as thin as Frado, had lost a higher percentage of his overall weight so he won the prize. Remember, Patrick was unemployed and had gambled everything on winning this show, borrowing money from his family so he could do it.  It would have been really sad if he had lost, but he just beat Frado by 1.11%, about 4 pounds.  Luckily, he also found a job because of the show, and was going to be working in a new state to help overweight kids.

Overall, it was a good finale but not a great one.  These seasons are starting to all blur together. I'm wondering how long this show an maintain its momentum, especially if both Bob and Jillian leave.


  1. Your take on the finale was similar to mine. This was not my favorite season, and I had a difficult time getting "into" it. Perhaps the show is becoming a bit "tired." But I always enjoy the finale. I also think some of the contestants could use a little help in choosing their outfits for the finale. I'm not taking anything away from their hard work or amazing weight loss, but some of them could have looked better if they had chosen outfits that were more figure flattering, both in terms of fabric and style.

  2. At first I thought Patrick's new job involved another TV show. But when I looked, his new job is Mindstream Academy. And the show I was remembering (too fat for 15) is based on Wellspring Academies.

    And it seemed to me the contestants (over all) were heavier at the end than other years.

    As you said, there were those who looked as if they had not lost a thing after leaving the ranch. I would say there were MANY who did not look they had lost at home. But I did not take the time to go back and read their stats, so maybe it was just in my mind. I cringed a lot as I watched (yes, Sophia was the most cringe worthy of all).

    To be honest, I do not have good feelings about maintenance for the women (from this season) in general. Whether they went home early in the season or late in the season, I think most of them still had 'd-i-e-t" mentality. And that rarely works for maintenance.

    Out of each season I go in with the outlook that just a couple people will get all their weight off and keep it off. I do not expect the majority to do either/both. But this season, seemed rougher than most. But in general it was a 'nicer' group of people than the last couple years.

    And what happened to Shay? Wasn't she supposed to be back with a Subway matching ($'s for lb's) challenge again this year?

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