Sunday, November 28, 2010

Starting Points Plus tomorrow

My meeting is on Tuesday afternoons, but because I have the monthly pass, I get access to the new Weight Watchers plan materials online tomorrow.  I am hoping that the iPhone app will be ready to go tomorrow, but it may not. Actually, I was able to get some access to the new plan information by using the Google Chrome and a URL that was posted on one of the Weight Watchers Message board threads.

I'm excited by what I've heard about the new plan. Free fruit, of course. Plus more points per day and more weekly points, though the points for some foods is going up.  High-protein foods like eggs and chicken seem to be staying about the same, but things like cereal and bread will have more.

I also have heard that online members will be able to choose whether weekly points or activity points will get used first. I like that -- it bothers me to dip into my weekly points when I have activity points sitting there. Leaving the weekly bank alone until after those activity points are gone gives me a better sense of my status for the week.

I have not been tracking the last few days, which is probably bad news for this week's weigh-in. I got off track with Thanksgiving and never got back on.  I plan to start tracking tomorrow with the new plan and really stick with it.

Our meeting leader asked us to bring a friend to Tuesday's meeting, but I decided I don't want to do that. I'd rather go by myself to my meeting and give it my full attention than bring a WW newbie who might have questions for me.

I've been a little obsessed with this program change. I have been feeling a bit discouraged and I'm hoping to rediscover my beginner's mind with new plan materials. Anyone else looking forward to the new plan? Or are you already doing it and think I'm behind the times?


  1. Currently I subscribe to and I love the dinner menu with points attached! It has save me money and time in coming up with dinner plans. But I'm kind of nervous about if and when they will switch over to the new plan. I want to try the new plan but also want to keep e-mealz. That's about my only concern now.

  2. I am dorkily excited about the new plan. It seems like it will reinforce what I do when I am in the zone with proper nutrition. I am also at a place where I need a serious reboot, so I love having a new plan to learn. Love how you put it - "beginner's mind."

  3. also ecstatic here! i am soo looking forward to it! the thing i love about ww is the challenge - the looking for new foods to eat to stay within budget and what not...and i love that its changing up so that cause it makes it feel like an adventure again.

    and free fruit is like heaven! : ) LOVE it!

  4. We've been doing the new plan here in Australia for a couple of weeks. Like you, I saw it as a chance to start fresh (and I have reset everything back to week 1). I think you will find it puts you back to a "beginner's mind" because suddenly you have to look up points for everything! You can't take for granted the old values for your common foods. The thing I like best is the ability to have extra weekly points. It helps you to deal with parties and dinners out. It is going to be a god send at Christmas I think.
    p.s. Free fruit really is awesome.

  5. Your posts make me curious about WW, but all I can seem to commit to right now is the daily use of the MyNetDiary App for iPad. Anything more seems too complicated!

    Good luck getting back on track post-Thansgiving. This time of year is pretty damn difficult!

  6. Just found your blog during a search of the "Beck Diet" that led me to your July 19, 2007 posting (which I enjoyed greatly, along with the comments). Glad to see you are still posting, & I plan to read more!

    Regarding WW changes, I was near goal weight (sigh!) maybe 10 years ago, when they changed from portion control to points. Not a good move for me at that time in my life. However, I was ok with it when I rejoined last year for a while.

    Any plan that regards fruit & vegetables as "free" is good in my book. It would be difficult for most people to abuse that privilege. I know I do better with the personal accountability of meetings, so I would like to go & check out the new system.

    Anyways, cheers!

  7. Re: firefox problems. Ever since FF v 3.6.4, when they changed their system to take advantage of "multi-core" computers, I have had some problems. I have an older single core computer, and the newer FF versions slow down some things horribly, to the point I actually now play my fishbowl game on (yuck!) Internet Explorer.

    I used to LOVE Netscape. Then that fell apart.
    And I have loved Firefox.
    So far, I am still looking for the next great browser system.


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